Net Xpress: Some bookmarks are essential for any Net user

September 21, 2003|SHEILA J. CLARK

Bookmarks are a useful tool when it comes to making your online experience simple and enjoyable. One good thing to do is to go through your bookmarks to make sure they are still current and active. Bookmarks can also be your ticket to instant access to essential online detours. In light of the recent worm and virus scares, I am listing a few bookmarks that you might want to add to your essential lists.

* Symantec is an authority on viruses and worms. They have a great page of removal tools at for ridding yourself of the most popular viruses and worms out there. Symantec also has a page dedicated to e-mail hoaxes at

* Hoaxbusters at has been online since February 1995. Next time you get an e-mail asking you to delete a file, first visit one of these sites to make sure it isn't on the hoax list.


* If you run Windows, a quick link to its Update site ( is under Tools in the file menu.

* MrScary's Windows Update FAQ at

MSN Live online events

Sept. 22: Chat with rapper Nelly at 5 p.m. Go to

Sept. 23: Chat with singer Sting at 3 p.m. Go to

Net buzzz

* PayPal's New Account Bonus and Refer-A-Friend Bonus programs will end Sept. 26. PayPal users are still eligible to earn a bonus until the offer expires by completing their bonus requirements before the programs end. PayPal is also launching a new program called the PayPal Merchant Referral Bonus that will allow its users to earn up to $100.Visit PayPal for more details at or for more detail on their newest program, point your browser to

* has launched a Web service called MSfreePC to help Microsoft customers process their settlement claims from the $1.1 billion settlement Microsoft has agreed to pay. If you are eligible, you could get free software and a free computer. Learn the complete eligibility details at

* AOL is revamping their AOL for Kids service and plan to relaunch it as KOL this fall in its place. KOL is part of the basic AOL service. The new KOL service, aimed at kids ages 6-12 years old, will feature a live, daily interactive radio program for kids. Kids also can choose to have their computer read them a bedtime story.

There will be comics, including an exclusive Batman series, new instant messaging and new online games featured on the service. The service also will feature parent control. Learn more at and

* Some Mandrake-Linux users are in an uproar over the recent announcement that there will be some advertising in the next release of the distribution. Because of this, MandrakeSoft has released a clarification of why they have chosen to include the advertisements. Read more at

Sites to see

Colleges Online at is an online guide to finding online colleges. Searches can been done by curriculum or college name. The site also features useful information regarding any questions one might have about earning an online degree.

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