Winners picked in Apple Festival pageants

September 22, 2003

LIBERTY - Winners of pageants Sunday at the Casey County Apple Festival, listed first through third, are:

0-6 months, girls: Brennan Wethington, daughter of Brandon Wethington and Tonya Wright; Emily Whitehurst, Bud and Kimberly Whitehurst; and Kylie Long, Larry and Beth Long. Boys: Donovan Reynolds, Donnie and Rosie Reynolds; Collin Wesley, Matt and Shavahn Wesley; and Austin Lee, Darren and Rosie Lee.

7-12 months , girls: Haley Moore, Randy and Amanda Moore; Hailey Cannon, Aleta Cannon; and Tarah Durham, Ryan and Ashley Durham. Boys: A. Jaycob Looney, John and Melissa Looney; Logan Thomas, Jeremy and Brandi Thomas; and Hayden Heisler, Ben and Oracy Heisler.

13-18 months, girls: Alyssa Fryman, Thomas and Shanda Fryman; Gentry Coulter, Jason and Heather Coulter; and Olivia Hale, Jantzen and Beth Hale. Boys: Garrett Carrier, Jeff Luttrell and Crystal Carrier; Preston Durham, Derik and Rachael Durham; and Baron Johnson, Barry and Karen Johnson.


19-24 months, girls: Emily Grider, Timothy Grider and Rebekah Gadberry; Makencie Woods, Brendon and Amanda Woods; and Beth Dotson, Joe and Nikki Dotson. Boys: William Bryant, Terry and Tabitha Bryant; Blake Wethington, Joe Wethington and Casey McFarland; and Ethan Parton, Ronnie and Jennifer Parton.

Little Miss and Mister: Madison Bendschneider, Jack and Arletta Bendschneider, and Santer Atherton, Aaron and Milli Atherton; Tyra Sengkhamyong, Inthavone and Veronica Sengkhamyong, and Trevor Lewis, Brady Lewis and Glennda Caudill; and Karey Sellers, Dale and Kaye Sellers, and Colton Combs, Chuck and Rhonda Combs.

Tiny Miss: Robin Elliott, Jackie and Becky Elliott; Kaylee Mattingly, Donny and Carla Mattingly; Alexis Luttrell, Casey Statham.

Tiny Mister: Hunter McKnight, Jason and Tonya McKnight; Christian Kilgallin, John and Sherry Kilgallin; and Matthew Wright, Scott and Natasha Wright.

Duchess, 3-4-years old: Lashaya Carman, Todd and Roseanna Carman; Brooklyn Snow, Jim and Crystal Snow; and Laci Lee, Mark and Chatty Lee.

Duke, 3-4 years old: Cameron Martin, Merv and Becky Martin; Joshua Underwood, Bradley and Crystal Underwood; and Brandon Roy, Ryan and Amanda Roy.

Duchess, 5-6 years old: Hannah Anderson, Damion and Dana Anderson; Kailan Flynn, Stephen Flynn and Courtney Price; and Sierra Stonecypher, Shane and Michele Stonecypher.

Duke, 5-6 years old: Keegan Cooper, Greg and Laurie Cooper; Justin Womack, Joe Todd and Tania Womack; and Joshua Pendleton, Eric Pendleton and Crystal Garrett.

Duchess, 7-8 years old: Shelby Stringer, Barry and Susan Stringer; Kenzie Weddle, Chris and Michelle Weddle; and Destiny McMillan, Mike and Jennifer McMillan.

Duke, 7-8 years old: Draven Lee, Jeff and Stephanie Lee; and Justin Underwood, Bradley and Crystal Underwood.

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