Bush has sorry track record at home, abroad

September 22, 2003

Dear Editor:

Five months after the end of major military operations was declared by President Bush, we are confronted by the following disconcerting facts:

1) Evidence that Hussein possessed reconstituted nuclear materials or large stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons, as claimed, has yet to appear.

2) There is no evidence to support the popular belief that Hussein was involved in 9/11 or had any direct connection to Al Qaeda prior to our invasion.


3) The people of Iraq by and large have not, as predicted, greeted our troops as liberators.

4) More of our soldiers have died since the end of the war was declared than died during major combat operations.

5) The estimate of a U.S. Army general who was publically reprimanded for predicting that 200,000 troops would be needed to secure the peace in Iraq has turned out to be more accurate than the Pentagon's own estimate, which has left our troops stretched thin and their morale low.

6) The reconstruction of Iraq will not be paid for by revenue generated from Iraq's oil reserves, as predicted, but by American taxpayers, who recently received an unanticipated $87 billion request.

7) There is little reason to believe that the overthrow of Hussein has paved the way for democratization in the Middle East or has contributed to the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

8) The current instability in Iraq arguably poses a greater threat to our national security than the Hussein regime did.

9) The leaders of those nations arrogantly brushed aside as "Old Europe" are the same ones now being asked to pitch in to help finance the costs of the administration's egregious miscalculations.

This is a sorry track record indeed. Unfortunately, the domestic outlook is equally bleak. Having squandered the largest surplus in our nation's history, Bush is quickly accumulating one of the largest deficits. The fiscal burden we impose on our children is mounting at a frightening pace, and the future viability of Social Security is already in jeopardy. Bush must be held accountable in 2004. America can and must do better.

Todd Gooch


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