City manager search narrowed to 11

September 24, 2003|LIZ MAPLES

Danville's city manager screening committee has narrowed the list of 25 applicants to 11.

The committee voted Tuesday for City Clerk Donna Groves, a member of the committee, to call and make sure the people are still interested in the position. The deadline for applications was July 8, and some commissioners said that some applicants may have already found other jobs.

Of those interested, the committee will check their references and do criminal background checks before narrowing the list down further.

Committee Chairman James Atkins asked City Commission Monday if the committee could conduct personal interviews of the candidates.

"We'd like to meet these folks," he said. "We're not going to try to bring all 11 to town."

Committee members talked Tuesday about narrowing the list to five candidates and three alternates, but voted to wait to see who was interested in the job and passed the reference and background checks.


Commissioners Terry Crowley and Jamey Gay suggested the group do phone interviews, but Atkins said they would much rather meet face-to-face with the applicants.

"I hate to bring people in multiple times, but we're not going to make a more important decision this year," Crowley said.

Atkins said that the committee wanted to be sure of the people they recommend because the finalists names might become public knowledge.

"I think it that is more like a reality," Crowley said.

There was some discussion about how many of the candidates would have to fly in and how many were close enough to drive, but commissioners and Atkins cut the discussion short to avoid revealing anything about which candidates were being considered.

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