Corning security guard honored

September 24, 2003|ANN R. HARNEY

HARRODSBURG - The Harrodsburg City Commission honored Donald Barnett, the Corning security guard who alerted Harrodsburg police that a man, later identified as Kevin Paul Crum, 31, of Champaign, Ill., was putting on a bullet-proof vest and retrieving a weapon from a vehicle's trunk.

Barnett's quick action may have saved the lives of the people who reside in the home where Crum's 8-month-old child and the child's mother live. Crum was later charged with six counts of attempted murder, as there were six people in the house when he arrived at the parking lot.

In alerting police about the situation, Barnett also may have saved the lives of police officers, including members of the Harrodsburg Police Department and Mercer County sheriff's office who responded to the call that came in at about 2:50 a.m. on Aug. 30.

The proclamation, read and signed by Mayor Lonnie Campbell, says Barnett's call to 911 led to Crum's apprehension and arrest which "avoided a tragedy and prevented the loss of life."


Lastly, the proclamation says the mayor recognizes Barnett "for his quick thinking, vigilance, service and dedication."

Police say Crum drove to Harrodsburg to carry out a plan they found in his vehicle. At Crum's preliminary hearing earlier this month, Detective Sgt. Garry Bradshaw testified there were two lists in the vehicle outlining what Crum planned to do.

The first was to drown his out-of-wedlock child without anyone in the house being aware. If that did not work, then his plan was to kill everyone in the home.

In the home were the child, the child's mother, April Sullivan, Sullivan's mother, JoAnn Bowman; Sullivan's stepfather, Kelly Bowman and two more juvenile females, ages five and 10 years.

One checklist included body armor and a hat, a beard and mustache, guns and a knife, dark colored clothing, money, a flashlight and wire cutters. A second checklist included instructions to make it look like a rape, and place pubic hairs for DNA evidence. When police apprehended Crum, he had spirit gum on his face, which is used to attach facial disguises.

At the preliminary hearing, Crum's attorney, Susanne McCollough said that while she agreed her client had his plan written down, it was just that - a plan. She said Crum told police he could not carry out the plan and that he was not a baby killer or a mass murderer.

Crum allegedly was being pressured by Sullivan to increase the child support for their daughter. McCollough said they had settled on $65 a month and Crum had $65 in his pocket to give to Sullivan.

Despite pleas from McCollough, Mercer District Judge Jeff Dotson refused to lower Crum's bail or reduce the charges.

The Mercer County Grand Jury is scheduled to meet Thursday, and Crum's case may be brought up for the jury's consideration.

Crum remains an inmate at the Boyle County Detention Center with a $496,000 cash bond.

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