Yeast: Pioneers can improve

September 24, 2003|JILL ERWIN

HARRODSBURG - Harrodsburg has one game left before it begins district play, and coach Terry Yeast is more concerned about his team than its opponent this week.

The Pioneers are 4-0 heading into Friday's game at Grant County, looking to go to 5-0 for the first time in almost 10 years. But Yeast cautions against getting too confident because there's always work to be done.

Last week's 60-0 win over Paris was a good start. Yeast said improvements still need to be made before the Pioneers take on Frankfort in their district opener Oct. 3.

"Each game we have improved a little bit," Yeast said. "Sometimes you think when you beat a team like we did Friday, you feel pretty good at that time. But then when you watch the film, you still see room for improvement. But it's not a bad thing to have room for improvement when you beat a team that soundly."


Yeast said his team is headed in the right direction, but said it is not there yet. He knows Harrodsburg needs to improve its passing game, which is averaging only 64 yards a game.

The running game is just fine, picking up 385 yards a game. Mark Dunn is having a standout year, averaging an area-high 211 yards a game and scoring 13 times. Dunn scored six touchdowns in last week's game against Paris.

But he could face a challenge from the Grant defensive front. Yeast said the Braves are a big, physical team that will try to hold Harrodsburg to the middle of the field.

"They play a 4-3 defense and they like to back off their middle linebacker so he can run from side to side," Yeast said. "They turn their ends and I think they're going to try to keep us from getting to the corners. I think when we run the ball, we have to attack them between the tackles."

Grant defeated Taylor County last week

Grant is 2-3 and is coming off a 20-0 win over Taylor County last week.

Offensively, Yeast said he expects Grant to run the ball about 75 percent of the time, using its big line to try to open up holes. Yeast said he's confident his team will react well to Grant's physical play.

"A week ago I would have said that worried me, but over the last few weeks we've talked about being more physical," the Harrodsburg coach said. "We're in better position to be a little more aggressive now. I think we may meet that challenge."

But when the Braves do throw the ball, they like to go deep and Yeast will rely on cornerbacks Brandon Brown and Cory Jackson to negate that threat.

"I hope the speed we have with our corners will let us be able to cover the deep ball," Yeast said.

The Pioneers are healthy for the most part, and Yeast said that's a big key for a small school like Harrodsburg.

But even bigger is that the players aren't growing complacent with their strong start.

"The neatest thing is that one of the kids, I think it was Mark, said 'We still have a lot of work to do if we're going to be a contender with the best teams in Class A,' after the Paris game," Yeast said. "I was extremely happy by that. They're starting to grow up, and even though they're 4-0, they're still working hard because they don't want to settle for that. I'm proud to hear them and see them still working hard."

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