Unemployment claim against Lincoln jailer dismissed

September 25, 2003|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - A former deputy jailer's suit against Lincoln County Jail and the Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Commission for unemployment benefits was dismissed yesterday after a circuit court judge upheld an earlier KUIC ruling in the jail's favor. The KUIC had found that Denise Mullins' termination by Jailer David Gooch was based on misconduct and made her ineligible for benefits.

"I am thankful for the dismissal of this case," wrote Gooch in a press release. "It's always good when a higher authority reviews a decision that you made and agrees that you made the decision properly ..."

Mullins was initially awarded unemployment benefits. After an appeal, the commission eventually ruled her termination to be legal and denied her those benefits. Mullins' recent suit claimed the KUIC was wrong to reverse their original ruling.

The judge's order Tuesday upheld the reversal, stating that KUIC denied Mullins' benefits because she "failed to comply with well-known standard procedures for depositing bond money, she had been terminated for misconduct."


According to transcripts from KUIC depositions, Mullins had been terminated in 2002 after a $504 bond payment disappeared from the jail. After reviewing security camera pictures, Gooch said he held Mullins responsible for having lost or taken the bond.

Mullins' additional wrongful termination civil suit against Gooch has yet to be decided.

"Unfortunately, Ms. Mullins' related wrongful termination case against me ... is still pending.

"Therefore I still have no comment regarding the factual allegations in that case, except to say that I am confident that both cases will have similar outcomes," wrote Gooch.

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