Bush's record of accomplishments

September 25, 2003

Dear Editor:

Since President Bush took office, he has had the following accomplishments:

1) He has successfully prevented or deterred any new terrorist actions in the United States.

2) He has liberated tens of million of oppressed people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

3) He has captured or killed two-thirds of the Al Qaeda leadership.

4) He has brought the seeds of democracy to regions of the world that have never had democracy before.

5) He has prevented what was predicted to be one of the worst recessions ever seen in the United States.

6) He has provided tax cuts to all Americans so that we can keep more of what we earn.

7) He has taken significant steps to see that all children get a proper education.

8) He has provided the largest agriculture bills ever to help the country's farmers.


9) He has brought back integrity and dignity to the office of president of the United States.

It is my opinion that the president's record of accomplishment stands for itself, accomplishment after accomplishment.

Robert Tindall


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