Would gladly pay the extra tax for schools

September 26, 2003

Dear Editor:

Your story about the petition seeking to put the "nickel tax" passed by the Boyle County Board of Education on the ballot left me with a head full of questions: Does Mr. Galbreath have children in the school system and, if so, has he ever visited their schools? Has he ever picked them up from the central campus or from either Perryville or Junction City elementary schools and noticed the traffic problems at all three places? Has he noticed that Woodlawn and the middle school are overcrowded?

Nobody likes taxes, especially when they feel like the money is wasted. That is definitely not the case here, and I worry that Mr. Galbreath and the others who are signing this petition are having a knee-jerk reaction to the word "tax." Before the petition reaches your door, please consider the following points:

* Our school board members are elected by us to represent us. Their meetings are open and they invite input from all of us. The members and the superintendent are easily accessible. If you have a problem with something they have done, there are ways to make your voice heard and to be a part of the decision-making process.


* Because of this petition, the county school district will not receive any revenue when property tax bills are sent out this fall. After the petition has been filed, the signatures verified and the matter voted on, the school district will have to send out its own bills - at its own expense. Now that's what I call a waste of money.

* Even with the passage of the nickel tax, Boyle County's tax rate of 53.3 cents would still be less than the 64 cents assessed by the Danville Independent School District.

* The nickel tax can be used only for construction. Both Woodlawn and the middle school need to be expanded, and the traffic flow at these schools needs to be drastically changed to accommodate all the parents and high school kids who insist on driving rather than using the buses. Traffic flow also needs to be improved at Junction City and Perryville elementary schools.

* This tax amounts to $59 per $100,000 assessed value on your property tax. That's less than $5 per month. Yes, the economy isn't in the best shape, but most people could eke out $5 per month. Skip a fast-food meal. Let the kids ride the bus and save some gas money. Rent two fewer videos.

I found out most of the above information in a conversation with Superintendent Pam Rogers and Communications Director Paul Elwyn. I'm afraid most people in the district don't know these things.

As for me, I will gladly pay the extra tax. I can think of no way I'd rather spend my money than to invest in the future of our county's children.

Sallie Bright

Mother of a Boyle County Middle School student

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