Casey County public record for Sept. 28

September 28, 2003

LIBERTY - Cases handled recently in Casey District Court, listed by name, charge, fine and jail sentence, where applicable, include the following. Court costs also were assessed in most cases. Ages and addresses are listed if available.

Russell B. Pendleton, 36, 1023 Ky. 1819, Liberty, marijuana cultivation, $200. and 12 months suspended.

Cynthia L. Cox, 37, 3765 Brush Creek Road, Liberty, marijuana cultivation, $200 and 12 months suspended.

Annette Bell, 463 Phillippe Road, Waynesburg, two counts of theft by deception, 15 days suspended if restitution made.

Stephen W. Harris, 33, 1456 Henson Ridge Road, Liberty, driving under the influence of intoxicants, $570, time served and 90-day suspension of driver's license.

Mark A. Sayers, 33, 5890 Merritt Ridge Road, Windsor, second-degree stalking, 12 months suspended.

Gary L. Greer, 47, 11098 W. Ky. 70, Liberty, second-degree possession of a controlled substance, unspecified, amended to having pills in improper container, $25; and alcohol intoxication in public place, merged.


Roberto Morales, 23, 113 Factory Lane, Lot 8, Danville, resisting arrest, 15 days; and third-degree assault of police officer, amended to fourth-degree, 15 days on work release or weekends.

Richard B. Short Jr., 43, 238 Water Tower Road, Liberty, leaving the scene of an accident after hit and run, 60 days suspended if $1,000 restitution is made; and third-degree criminal trespassing, merged.


Criminal judgments handed down recently in Casey Circuit Court include:

Misty Dawn Hatter, 27, 59 Means Road, Waynesburg, first-degree bail jumping, one year consecutively with another sentence for a total of six years; second-degree burglary and theft by unlawful taking, five months; and second-degree burglary, dismissed. Probation denied.

James L. Baugh, 37, 257 Robin Drive, Liberty, two counts of probation violation, 10 years in prison. He had been on five years probation on a second-degree manslaughter charge after his young child was killed in a vehicle Baugh was driving. He violated the terms of an agreement after he was charged and convicted for driving with a suspended driver's license.

Robert B. Miller, 24, Liberty, theft by unlawful taking over $300 (auto), two years consecutively with another sentence; and second-degree persistent felony offender, dismissed.

Christopher H. Ruby, 28, 2346 Ky. 910, Liberty, fourth offense DUI, amended to third offense, and driving with a license suspended for DUI, amended to no driver's license, $500 and 60 days.

Pamela K. Harris, 32, U.S. 127, Dunnville, cultivation of more than five marijuana plants, amended to facilitation of marijuana cultivation, 12 months probated.

Andy Ledford, Russell Springs, third-degree burglary and theft by unlawful taking, one year on each charge concurrently with another sentence being served.

Roberta Lynn, 30, Allen St., Liberty, flagrant nonsupport, two years and six months probated. She owed $4,320 in support payments.

Krista Sue Watson, 23, Ky. 198, Yosemite, second-degree forgery, two years probated and $575 in restitution to the Casey County Bank and Opal Watson.

Pam Black, 32, 75 S.D. Gooch Road, Kings Mountain, probation violation revoked after she admitted using illegal drugs. She had been convicted of two counts of trafficking.


Deeds filed recently in the office of County Clerk Eva S. Miller include:

J. Patrick and Christie Williams, Paula F. Rakestien, Elisha P. and Sandra K. Williams, Cheryl A. Williams, Melissa and Steven D. Regan, Kimberly Williams, Michael Williams, Daniel D. and Mindy Williams, Duane R. and Sandra Williams to David N. Cundiff, 14.346 acres on Ky. 1547, $44,000.

Michael A. and Lottie M. Raider to Ray Baldock, tract on Ky. 501, $18,500.

Everett and Rena Woodrum to B.J. and Patricia Woodrum, tract on Caney Fork, gift; no fair cash value listed.

Thomas and Melissa Cravens to David C. and Emma J. VanNiman, 8.27 acres on Bryant Ridge Road, $180,000.

Wade C. and Polly C. Roberts to Paul W. and Junell F. Roberts, property on Merritt Ridge Road, $40,000.

Ressie T. Grider to Jackie L. and Margaret Rodgers, 20 acres on Ky. 70, $65,000.

Henry and Lizzie Mast to Kathryn S. Russell, 100 acres on Dry Creek Road, $97,500.

Ronald E. and Donna J. Sharp to Lottie M. and Michael Raider, lot in Ernie Byrd and Randall Sharp plat, $5,000.

Jane Dillon to David Dillon, David T. Dillon and Phillip Dillon, 5 acres on Ky. 70, gift; fair cash value, $7,500.

Robert W. and Angela J. Patterson to Eddie W. and Christine Patterson, exchange of property; fair cash value, $500.

Eddie W. and Christine Patterson to Robert W. and Angela J. Patterson, exchange of property; fair cash value, $500.

Robert W. and Angela J. Patterson to Henry and Roxie Ford, property in the county, $159,000.

Sandra J. Harris to Frances Harris and Lena Kobilca, 17.419 acres on Bastin Creek Road, gift; fair cash value, $15,000.


Marriage licenses filed recently in the office of County Clerk Eva S. Miller include:

Carla Danille Ellis, 27, vet assistance, and Russell Thomas True, 27, Toyota, both of Liberty.

Amy Beth Long, 23, homemaker, and Christopher Darren Buis, 25, cabinetmaker, both of Liberty.

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