Local visual artist has pieces in two shows this fall

September 29, 2003|JENNIFER BRUMMETT

Works by visual artist Kathleen O'Brien of Mercer County will be exhibited in two shows this fall.

O'Brien's works will be in "Honoring the Ancestors" at the Weyrich Gallery in Albuquerque, N.M., as well as "Her Mark" at Womanmade Gallery in Chicago. Both exhibits are featuerd at the galleries in October. O'Brien works in mixed media collage, oil paints and crafts.

"Honoring the Ancestors" features works by three artists: O'Brien's two-dimensional work, a sculptor and a jeweler. O'Brien's pieces are collages from papers that she paints and treats with water media. They are hinged inside shadow box frames.

In reflection of the theme "Honoring the Ancestors," O'Brien is using trees and leaves of trees as the main symbol for the ancestors.


"The work is symbolic and rather abstract," O'Brien says. "There is a quality of 'remember the ones who came before,' and just being open to their guidance and having messages from them from having the memory of them.

"There are a lot of symbols in there, such as different scripts and little bits of words and things like that."

Her works will be on display Oct. 17-Nov. 21 at the Weyrich Gallery.

O'Brien's images will be seen in the annual calendar from the Wommanmade Gallery as well as on display at the Chicago arts business.

"About 10 images will be published in that calendar," O'Brien notes. "There will be a release party, with a poetry reading, and they will be showing the images that will be published.

"I found out about (this opportunity) from the Kentucky Arts Council newsletter. It's a women's gallery that is very supportive of women in art and writing. I've never been there, so I'm hoping to attend the opening."

O'Brien's works will be on display Oct. 19-Nov. 21 at Womanmade Gallery.

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