Funding problems not poor people's fault

September 30, 2003

Dear Editor:

I am one of those so-called "knee jerk" reactors to the new taxes heaped on the taxpayers in Boyle County.

After becoming disabled a few years ago, I applied for the homestead exemption at the PVA office in Danville. I was approved and my taxes were cut in half for one year. The following year my home was reassessed to be worth more and my taxes went back up to the amount I was paying before I applied for the homestead exemption, plus $15.

And now this year, the Boyle County school district wants to raise my property taxes 5.9 cents (per $100 of assessed valuation), whether I like it or not. I live in Junction City where the City Council has raised taxes on all property owners.

There are no budget plans for poor people like me when these taxes are due. You pay the taxes when they are due or face a 10 to 12 percent penalty after Feb. 1, 2004.


I am one of the knee jerkers who started the petition drive for a recall vote on the Boyle County school district's "nickel tax."

It is not the poor people's fault that the trusted politicians who represent us in Frankfort spent all of the school kids' funds on pork barrel projects.

M. Wendell Anderson


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