Haunted house tacky and insensitive

September 30, 2003

Dear Editor:

I would like to express my most sincere feelings concerning the Hustonville Haunted House and Hustonville Police Chief Fred McCoy.

For several years I have passed the former location of the Haunted House where throughout the year you will see several hearses, which are used as advertisements throughout Central Kentucky. The words "insensitive" and "tacky" do not adequately express my sentiments. If I were a resident of Hustonville, I could think of a thousand other ways that I would want my city represented other than a hearse with a corpse-like figure sitting in the driver's seat. I have been outraged at seeing wrecked automobiles with red paint splattered on the hood - I suppose to represent blood from some untimely death. I could not believe my eyes when in a past article McCoy said that in the Haunted House was a mock electrocution and, if my memory serves my right, there was an actual autopsy video from the L.A. police department (something to crow about wouldn't you say).


I have made the comment to my wife that I would feel very uncomfortable to have police chief/fire chief McCoy work an accident or crime scene that involved myself, someone I loved, or anyone for that matter, for fear if I would receive proper treatment or if McCoy would be taking in all the new great ideas for his haunted house at my expense.

Farfetched I thought, but my fears have been justified. I quote Sunday's edition, as your writer interviewed "Madman McCoy." "All of us sit around and talk to each other. Some of (the haunted house's) experiences we've been through as firefighters and police officers, (and they) have scared us," McCoy was quoted as saying in the interview. "People pay us to scare them and we want to do it right," added assistant fire chief Eugene Crowe.

Comforting sentiments, don't you think?

The voters of Lincoln County should be proud that they did not elect McCoy as their sheriff, and the folks in Hustonville would be wise to follow suit.

I am thankful for the work that these agencies provide, and I am glad that they are interested in raising funds for more modern equipment. But surely there is a more tasteful, tactful way of doing it.

Wayne Naylor


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