Haunted House is simply fun entertainment

October 01, 2003

Dear Editor:

In reply to Mr. Naylor's letter Tuesday, I would like to say we twist no one's arm to get them to go through our Haunted House. This is simply a fun form of entertainment to some, and to others it's nonsense. So be it, different strokes for different folks.

I do find it ironic that you speak of the sheriff's race, which has nothing to do with our Haunted House. The election is over and another is a long time off. Hopefully, your letter was not politically motivated.

Haunted Houses are not for everyone. But for those who enjoy a good scare it's nice to know we no longer have to go to Louisville or Lexington to see the number one-rated Haunted House in Kentucky, and Kentucky has more than a hundred Haunted Houses every year. We accomplished this, and never used one devil mask, not one satanic scene, nothing that would portray anything un-Christian, unlike many other haunted houses.


You make mention of the white car with red paint and of a video. That's funny because those were not beside the road. Those you would have had to have been on the site of the haunted house to see. My question is this: If you do not like haunted houses and have never been to ours, how do you know so much about it? Secondly, you failed to mention that the poster on the car stated that the driver of the car was killed by a drunk driver, and the poster went on to say, "Don't drink and drive." In fact, we not only bring this car out at Halloween, but also at prom time in hopes some child may be a little more careful on that night.

To be honest, the Haunted House is our biggest fundraiser. The holiday that has the second largest revenues is Halloween. Whether you agree or disagree is your right. However, I resent the fact that you attempt to force your opinion on us or others. This is America, and that is what makes it so great.

I would also bring you attention to the recent article written by Emily "Boo" Burton. She viewed the Haunted House and said she had for heart attacks it was so scary. As for the "Madman" and other descriptions in the story, it's called advertisement, grandstanding, promoting. Would we get as much attention if we merely said, "Haunted House, come and visit us?"

As for the people of Hustonville, they know me and they know these firefighters who respond to their every call - from vehicle accidents and house fires, to helping someone get their cows out of the road and back over the fence.

I do thank you for your opinion. Everyone seems to have one. It's too bad you don't put that energy toward helping us wrap the gifts for the children, which we use some of the money for every year, who otherwise would have no Christmas.

Fred McCoy


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