Letter ignored facts about Haunted House

October 01, 2003

Dear Editor:

I am responding to the letter from Mr. Wayne Naylor concerning the Hustonville Haunted House and police and fire chief Fred McCoy.

First, I guess it is everyone's God-given right to express their opinion, but there should at least be some facts to back up what they state. Mr. Naylor stated that he disliked the haunt and that it upset him. But for someone who never has been through it, how could it?

Next, he stated that he noticed a car drenched in red paint to show blood and gore. This was the only true statement he made, but yet he forgot to say what it stood for. The car was given to the haunt by a local tow company. The driver of the car was involved in a wreck in which drinking was involved. Signs were posted stating to all people who saw it: "Don't drink and drive."


The next thing he failed to express was how the haunt is used to raise money for Toys for Tots every year, not to mention fire equiment.

I can see far worse things a person can spend their time doing. Being scared at a Haunted House is what people come to get, and we aim to please each and every time a group goes through our Haunted House. Maybe that's why we are the best Haunted House in Kentucky.

As for running down Fred to the public, you seem to have left out the fact that every person feels safe in Hustonville with the late hours he works protecting their lives and homes.

For every bad opinion, we get 30 good ones. We work hard at being the best, and each and every person who works at the Haunted House is very proud to be known as the best.

Gene Crowe


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