Migrant workers take jobs from Kentuckians

October 02, 2003

Dear Editor:

I just want to comment on the article in the paper about migrant workers. It strikes me way below the belt.

You say it's impossible to harvest tobacco without the help of migrants. Well, my friend, I work in tobacco from daylight till past dark and had to pay taxes. You mentioned that migrants send most of their money back to Mexico. Well, sir, how about their taxes? Do they live here and not pay taxes?

I've always worked my fingers off just to catch up on bills. It also seems we can't get a farm job anymore because they say, "No, we've got these migrants and we don't need help."


I've worked in tobacco all of my life and darn well love smoking and chewing it. That is until the communists finally wind up taking our rights away.

Maybe someday you farmers might need help and us Kentuckians won't help you.

I don't want to blame the farmers for the government, but it sure is a messed up deal. I just think you all make it sound like the Kentuckians don't matter, but we can't find farm work anymore since the migrants have come here.

Some don't even have licenses or auto insurance. If we get caught, we have to work until next year to pay the fine.

Charles David Kidd


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