Casey County firefighter indicted on auto charge

October 03, 2003

LIBERTY - A Casey County firefighter has been indicted for allegedly selling an automobile owned by the South Fork Fire Department and keeping the proceeds, according to an indictment filed in Casey Circuit Court.

William S. Callinan, Liberty, who served as chief of the South Fork department for a time, is accused of selling the automobile Oct. 4, 2002, and failing to make required disposition of more than $300. He is under a $2,500 cash or secured property bond. He is scheduled to be arraigned Oct. 13.

Eleven other people were indicted Wednesday on 58 charges. They include:

Michael Craig, 23, of 80 Cannon Road, Liberty, second-degree escape, second-degree burglary and two counts of first-degree persistent felony offender. He is accused of escaping the Casey County Detention Center Aug. 8, after being arrested for burglary at the home of William Robbins and Karen Linkins with the intent to commit a crime. The two charges of persistent felony offender stem from two prior felony offenses.


Rodney L. Fair, 26, 226 Creston Water Tower Road, Liberty, disarming a peace officer and first-degree wanton endangerment. He allegedly deprived Deputy Sheriff Dennis Allen of the officer's use of his firearm and created danger of death or serious to the deputy while on duty.

Johnny D. Watson, 22, Liberty, second-degree escape and first-degree persistent felony offender. He is accused of escaping from the Casey County Detention Center Aug. 14 while serving time on two prior felony offenses. His bond is $10,000.

Melissa A. Southerland, 37, and Gregory J. Southerland, 44, both of 545 Penn's Store Road, Gravel Switch, each charged with marijuana cultivation-firearms enhanced. They are accused of unlawfully planting, cultivating and harvesting more than five marijuana plants with the intent to sell or transfer while in the possession of a firearm.

James E. Tolle, 37, 283 Water Tower Hill Road, Liberty, first-degree promoting contraband. He is accused of possessing marijuana Aug. 21 while being confined in the Casey County Detention Center. No bond was set.

Timothy J. Bates, 39, P.O. Box 910, Liberty, third-degree burglary, three counts of first-degree persistent felony offender, third degree burglary, theft of a controlled substance, He is accused of taking several thousand controlled substances including oxycontin, hydro-codone, methadone and valium after illegally entering a building owned by Jerry Foster and Wesley Drug Store with the intent to steal. He also is accused of committing the burglary and theft after being convicted of two prior felonies.

Marion R. Foster, 39, three counts of second-degree complicity to commit criminal possession of a forged instrument. He is accused of engaging in a conspiracy with Karen Turpin to commit forgery. His bond is $3,000.

Karen Turpin, 24, 1362 Martins Creek Road, Liberty, three counts of second-degree of a forged instrument. She is accused of attempting to defraud Georganna Clements by writing three checks, $80, $90 and $100 checks on the account of Clements at Casey County Bank and Dutchman's Market. The checks were written Aug. 12,13 and 29.

Arraignments are scheduled Oct. 13.

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