New book published by local author Robert A. Powell

October 05, 2003

"Landmarks of our Heritage," by Danville resident Robert Powell, was published this month.

The book depicts the art, research and writing of Powell from 1967 through 2003. It is an 8- by 10-inch horizontal-format coffee table-style art book of 128 pages, chock full from cover to cover with drawings that capture landmarks of American heritage from coast to coast and border to border.

The volume goes beyond the limits of his previous books. Powell, who has been described as "quite likely the most influential popular chronicler of Kentucky in recent years" steps a little out of character here to display a series of subjects across the nation - including Kentucky - that have impacted American heritage.

The distinctive art and writing of Powell long has been acclaimed as a force in capturing and depicting vibrant images of Kentucky's remarkable history and heritage. His track record includes 27 published books, hundreds of art prints, hundreds of sketchbook calendars, hundreds of articles about Kentucky subjects, speaking engagements, seminars and in-service programs.


A native Kentuckian, Powell grew up in the Appalachian foothills of Powell County and the bluegrass country in Fayette County. His love for Kentucky's heritage has taken him to all 120 counties - to research, photograph and sketch.

Powell was selected as one of the original Kentucky Heritage Artists in 1972, and was named Author of the Year by the Kentucky School Librarians in 1985. He has received many honors and citations from various groups and associations across the state.

His first book, "This Is Kentucky," was released In 1974, and he has continued to focus on the history and heritage of his native state in art prints, books, and calendars for nearly 30 years.

In 1977, he created a Kentucky history textbook for middle school students, and with his daughter, Karen Sue Powell, created another one for fourth-graders, titled "Frontier Kentucky," two years later.

"True Kentucky Legends," which was released in 2002, reveals the exciting true story behind 14 of the most prevalent Kentucky legends in American folklore.

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