Lincoln receives federal drug grant

October 05, 2003|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - Lincoln County's battle against drugs received a $98,309 boost from the federal government this week.

The money will be used to help inform at-risk kids about the dangers of narcotics.

According to Lincoln County schools' assistant superintendent Karen Hatter, the federal grant came from the Safety and Drug-Free Schools program. The money will be used to "strengthen the efforts in place," said Hatter.

"But the first focus of the grant is to change the youth perception that they won't get caught," said Phyllis Elder, director of Lincoln County Champions for Prevention Coalition.

"The coalition asked that we (school board) helped write the grant in response to some of the concerns the student survey had shown," said Wayne Thurman, grant project director. These concerns included students' perceptions of the risk and punishments associated with drugs and their lack of concern of being caught.


The coalition will be using the grant to fund programs like after-school mentoring for at-risk middle and high school students, as well as a strategic anti-drug advertising campaign in the community.

The grant will also sponsor programs to educate students to the hazards of drug use and bring drug dogs into elementary schools for demonstrations.

Champions is a community coalition formed to combat the growing drug problem in Lincoln County. Champions is comprised of service group members and citizens.

The grant funds will be allotted to specific projects in November after Thurman meets with grant directors in Washington D.C. to discuss grant management details.

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