Hays to be released into house arrest

October 05, 2003|LIZ MAPLES

LEXINGTON - Michael Hays will be released from the Fayette County Detention Center after he gets a private phone line at his mobile home in Forkland.

The line will be used to monitor him electronically. Hays will be on house arrest until his trial, which is set for Nov. 17.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ron Walker asked the court to keep him in jail, presenting papers from the Fayette jail that said Hays' needs were being met there. But the request was denied.

Walker said he had made a greater push to keep Hays in custody than for any of his other seven co-defendants because he believes Hays was the leader of an alleged marijuana farm in Gravel Switch.


Hays has been accused of growing and distributing marijuana in Kentucky and Indiana, and of concealing the death of Rusty Marshall, a Danville man.

U.S. District Chief Judge James D. Todd said it has been his experience that the Fayette jail couldn't properly administer medicine for acute conditions, and noted one mix-up with medication that had already happened. Hays is on several neurological medications that treat his injuries from a gunshot wound to the head.

One of the codefendants in the case, William Miller, shot Hays. Miller faces separate attempted murder charges from the incident in Indiana.

When Hays was in court Friday his left hand obviously shook, a symptom of his brain injuries.

Todd said he believed Hays would receive better care from his parents at home. He is not allowed to leave his residence except to travel to his attorney's office, court or a doctor's appointment, and is not allowed talk to anyone associated with the case.

He was ordered to pay a $25,000 appearance bond.

Hays had an extension of his parents' phone run to his mobile home that sits beside their house. He will have to get his own line for the electronic monitoring equipment.

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