McCoy, Haunted House benefit the area

October 05, 2003

Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on the letter published by Wayne Naylor of Yosemite on The Hustonville Haunted House and the personal bashing he has given police chief Fred McCoy.

Personally, I have heard nothing but very positive things about Mr. McCoy. He has given a lot of time to help the town of Hustonville. And the proceeds from the Haunted House go to help the people in the Hustonville area.

I do not live in Hustonville, but if I did or if I was passing through and I needed help either from the misfortune of a wreck or if I just ran out of gas and happened to be in the Hustonville area, I know he would be there to help me.


Myself and a lot of others agree that Fred McCoy and the Hustonville Haunted House are great benefits to the area.

I would like to say to Mr. McCoy, keep up the good work and remember one negative remark will only bring a hundred positiive ones.

If your watching a program on television and don't like the content, just turn the channel. Well, so goes the Haunted house. If you don't like what's going on inside, don't pay to go in. It's that simple.

Peggy Withrow


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