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October 06, 2003

100 years ago - 1903

Dr. J.C. Bogle, chairman of the electric light committee, gave an estimate on the cost of an electric light plant in Danville. Danville needs 50 street lights and 1,000 incandescents. A light plant would cost $26,500. The expense of running the plant should not be more than $4,000 a year.

Danville not only is one of the best dry goods towns in Central Kentucky, but also one of the best millinery markets anywhere. At the recent openings of the milliners of Danville, people flocked from towns from 20 miles away. The milliners say they are able to buy and dispose of fine hats as the milliners in much larger cities do.

Carrie Nation's lecture brought out the biggest crowd ever seen in the courthouse. Almost 600 people jammed and packed every available foot of space in the circuit courtroom. Nation's lecture was milder and less sensational than would have been expected from one so noted for sensationalism. She is a fairly good speaker and is coining money lecturing and selling hatchets.


75 years ago - 1928

Danville will be the center of a new oil delivery station. It will have a capacity of 80,000 gallons of gas. The effort will be operated by the Danville Ice and Coal Co. It is not known what brand of oils are to be used. The company aims to have three stations for local service around Danville. They already have purchased the one well-known stand in the city. Two service trucks will run daily to surrounding towns.

The Danville Literary and Social Club, a historic Danville institution, held its first session of the college year at the home of Hickman Carter on East Lexington Street. The club's custom has been to meet bi-monthly for the discussion of varied subjects and to partake of elaborate dinners. It is the club's gastronomic function that resulted in the nickname, Anaconda. This is the club's 89th year.

The physicians of Danville received an invitation from the Danville Chamber of Commerce to discuss the purchase of the historic McDowell House. It would be converted into a shrine for those who appreciate the illustrious surgeon. The state's physicians have erected a monument in McDowell Park in memory of the great surgeon. The proposal is to buy the building from M.G. Weisiger, the current owner.

Pearl Gravely, bookkeeper at the Danville water office, has a violin that is two centuries old. It was made in 1719 by Stradivarius, the greatest Italian violin maker who ever lived. Gravely says the violin has been in her family for three and maybe four generations. She values it for the fact that it is an heirloom.

Chief Coffey and his squad began a cleanup of Second and Fourth streets. Many vagrants who frequented the area have fled to parts unknown while others are being tried in police court. Many high-class black citizens have agreed to assist with the cleanup. The citizens are demanding that the pool rooms be closed to prevent loafing. They also ask that all checker games be suspended. Two recent shootings have led to the demands. The cleanup will continue until Second Street is as orderly as the other streets in town.

Southern Bell Telephone will improve its service by replacing every pole in town. A large workforce will arrive for the project. The service will be extended out the Shakertown, Hustonville and Stanford pikes. It already has been extended out the Harrodsburg, Lebanon and Perryville pikes. The improvements will cost an estimated $20,000.

Two burglars pried open the side door of Farmers Supply Co. They entered the office and blew open the safe with a charge of dynamite. A passer-by heard the noise and alerted the police. When officers arrived, the room was full of smoke. More than $100 that was in the money box had been left by the burglars when they were frightened away.

50 years ago - 1953

Mary Ann Robinson, a Danville High School senior, was crowned homecoming queen. Buddy Harmon, co-captain of the Admirals, was her escort. Patsy Robinson was a flower girl and Johnny Robinson was crown bearer. They are the twin children of Superintendent John Robinson and Mrs. Robinson. Homecoming candidates included Lloyd Tevis and Sheila Johnson. Festivities included a downtown parade of floats and bands, and decorated store windows. It was a joint parade with Centre College.

A check for $355 was given to the Danville-Boyle County Recreation Commission by James Beazley, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce. The money represents the cash collected from votes cast in a recent local, service club-sponsored beauty contest. It will be used to develop the city park on North Sixth Street.

Picketing of the local Montgomery Ward store and Main and North Third streets began with 20 of the 32 employees taking part in a walkout. George Purdy, manager of the store, declined to comment on the walkout at the store that opened in Danville in 1937. The picketers are affiliated with Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America, Local 227.

25 years ago - 1978

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