If you preach tolerance, practice tolerance

October 08, 2003

Dear Editor:

This is a response to a letter Tuesday, which was a reaction to a correspondence regarding a "Jesus fish" symbol on a sheriff's cruiser.

My purpose is to express my displeasure with comments made by Mr. Reecher. In the opening paragraph, he states, "In referring to her personal faith, she failed to reveal what that might be. If it is based on the God that I know, it would behoove her to spend more time learning what God has to say about tolerance and treatment of others." I do agree, everyone of every creed needs to learn tolerance for others, that's the only way we, as a country, can be successful.

As I kept reading I have to admit I was baffled. Later in his letter, the writer mentions, "If her personal faith is not in the God that our ancestors founded this country on, then she needs to return to the country where her faith is practiced by the majority of their citizens."


Where is the tolerance for others in that statement? The writer is showing absolutely no tolerance for her personal beliefs.

The writer beseeched all people who believe in "America's God" to be heard without reservation. Well, the state of my faith is unimportant in this argument, but the Bill of Rights clearly states that there is no such thing as "America's God." America was founded on principles of freedom. The first Amendment to the Constitution gives American citizens the knowledge and comfort that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

America was founded by a persecuted people. They were escaping tyrants and countries that didn't allow freedom. What gives us the right to persecute others based on their religion? As the author of the previous letter stated people need to learn to be tolerant to others. My advice to the author and to all others is to start with yourselves. If your going to preach tolerance, practice tolerance.

Matt Osborne


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