Yeast wants Harrodsburg to look ahead

October 08, 2003|JILL ERWIN

HARRODSBURG - Harrodsburg coach Terry Yeast said he feels like his team let one get away last week, and he said this week is a chance to get back on the right track.

The Pioneers (5-1, 0-1 Class A, District 4) will host winless Trimble County on Friday, one week after losing 16-13 to Frankfort.

"You go back and look at the tape, and you see all mistakes that we made and that the kids made on the field," Yeast said. "It's really disappointing because we know that we truly should have won that game."

Yeast said he and his staff sat down and went over the film, looking at what the Pioneers needed to do to improve as a team. He knows that the players won't be able to turn last week off quite as easily, but he's tried to make the point that what's done is done.


"We're ready and we talked about 'play the next play,'" Yeast said. "You can't worry about what has already happened because you can't get it back. Thank God for second chance opportunities."

Trimble might be just what the doctor ordered for the Pioneers. The Raiders (0-6, 0-1) didn't score until their fourth game of the season and have totaled just 33 points on the season.

Trimble has not allowed fewer than 24 points in any game, and lost 56-12 to Carroll County last week.

"It's a tough week of preparation," Yeast said. "Kids are still kids. They're young and they see a team that has really struggled and it makes it tough week of preparation. Coming off a loss, it gives the kids the opportunity to take their frustration out on the next opponent, and that could be a good thing for us."

Trimble will throw the ball a lot

Yeast said he expects the Raiders to be a passing team first and foremost, estimating that Trimble will try to throw the ball 80 percent of the time.

That, within itself, is a new challenge for Harrodsburg.

"They're going to throw, throw, throw," Yeast said. "That's something we haven't had to prepare for. They'll put the quarterback in the shotgun and sling it around.

"We're going to change our defense, not just for Trimble but in general to take advantage of our speed. We're going to come after them, play more man(-to-man) this week and see what that does for us."

Yeast hopes his team's speed and athleticism also plays a big role in the game on the offensive side of the ball.

Harrodsburg's bread and butter has been the running game, behind Mark Dunn's 1,285 yards, but Yeast said the Pioneers need to start mixing in a passing game to continue to compete.

"We're going to do what we do best, which is run, and we're really going to focus hard on that," Yeast said. "We're looking to throw the ball a little more, and I know I've said that a couple times before, but we really are.

"We're going to have to make people respect our passing game or else they're just going to line up in the box. I know I'd do the same thing."

Harrodsburg is out of school this week for its fall break, and Yeast said he had every intention of making things fun for the kids during practice.

"Knowing they're out of school, we're going to have fun with some things and get the kids back fired up about football," Yeast said.

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