Stanford Emergency Medical Services will relocate to fire station

October 09, 2003|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - New paint is going on the fire and flood-damaged walls of the Stanford Emergency Medical Service and Rescue Squad building this week. The paint and other repairs are the result of complaints by some employees, who told the board of directors they felt unsafe in the building.

As of Wednesday, EMS employees working 24-hour shifts were re-housed at the city fire station as a stop-gap measure, pending the completion of repairs to the EMS building and living quarters. They were formerly housed at Fort Logan Hospital.

Keith Dean, EMS director, said employees may stay at the fire station during their shift as crews work to paint, install central heating and air-conditioning, and lower the former ambulance bay ceilings in the current EMS building. The building was damaged by a flood in 1996, as well as a water heater fire earlier this year. Last month, Dean asked the board of directors for a new building. Currently, they are looking into the possibility of renting a building while repairing the EMS station.


"It's a temporary fix, but we feel like they're making an effort for us," said Dean.

At the fire station, EMS rescue employees will have access to a kitchen, shower and two bunks.

Fire Chief Leroy Lunsford said the bunks were not used by fire personnel yet and the additional people in the building wouldn't be a problem. He also said that the fire and EMS squads would not hinder one another if called to the same location.

"We work together all the time," said Lunsford.

The contract with the city for use of fire station bunks was approved last week at a City Council meeting. Mayor Eddie Carter said the council approved the contract for $150 for the first two months. The rental contract is for a total of six months, with rent gradually increasing each month after the first two, though EMS employees told council members two months would be all the time they would need in the fire station.

"They thought they'd be there two months, and we put a $150 rental deal a month on it, and then after that it gradually goes up for a six-month contract. But I'm sure they'll be in their building in two months," said Carter.

The future location of EMS, whether rental properties or new buildings, could be discussed at the next EMS board of directors monthly meeting scheduled Tuesday.

Until then, Carter said he didn't see the EMS employees staying at the fire station long.

"They said it could even only take one month," said Carter.

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