Planning under way for new Garrard County high school

October 09, 2003|PHIL PENDLETON

LANCASTER - The Garrard County School board took the first step toward building a new high school Tuesday in agreeing to interview architects to design the facility.

"I would be inclined to get the process started for a new high school," said board member Greg Crutchfield. "So we can start looking at sites." Crutchfield made a motion to that effect which pass-ed unanimously.

"I'm really ex-cited about this process starting," said board member Jeff Cooper.

Earlier in Tuesday night's meeting, board members asked the public for input as to what kinds of facilities they would like to have in a new high school.

"We have a swimming team that travels to Danville. Do we want a pool as part of the facility?" asked Superintendent Ray Woolsey. "When this school is designed, we want it to meet the needs of all the people because you're the ones paying for it," he said.


"Where will the new school be located?" a man in the audience asked. Board chairman Joe Brown said that has not been determined. He said a committee will start looking at sites in January.

Another person asked if sponsors could pay for part of the facility or for such things as scoreboards. Woolsey said he is looking into that. "I've already approached somebody asking them to build something so they can put their name on it," he said.

The new high school, along with an expansion of the cafeteria at Paint Lick Elementary and new restrooms at Lancaster Elementary, will be paid for in part by the nickel property tax increase approved by the board earlier this year. That tax also sets the school district up for state matching money.

Board updated on

renovation work

Also Tuesday, the school board was told that it will likely be the end of the first week of November before classroom additions are complete at Camp Dick Robinson Elementary and the end of this month before renovation work at Garrard Middle School is finished. Garrard Middle's expansion was supposed to have been finished Oct. 11 and the work at Camp Dick wrapped up by Oct. 7.

Woolsey and several board members have pulled no punches in sharing their displeasure at the pace of the work. "I am totally disgusted with the effort of the company involved," Woolsey told board members at a recent meeting.

Doss and Horky of Danville was the general contractor hired by the board for the renovation of both schools. The company has blamed such things as poor soil condition and weather.

Schwering told the board Tuesday that there was some disagreement from Doss and Horky regarding a change order dealing with the project's delay, but that they agreed to execute it. "I have prepared change order No. 2 for presentation to the board at a later date, modifying completion," he said.

Schwering told the board that it can enforce liquidated damages "since the date of substantial completion has been modified." That would amount to $750 per day for each day the project runs past the completion date.

"Personally, I have every intention of doing that, " Cooper said later in the meeting, after a gentleman in the audience said that it was his experience that imposing liquidated damages makes general contractors move faster.

Schwering told the board that a delay in getting lockers to Garrard Middle was due to the manufacturer's facility being flooded by Hurricane Isabel. "The general contractor ordered those lockers," he said. "It was basically an act of God, but in my opinion if they had been ordered in a timely manner they would already be on site for installation."

The board approved payments of $111,927 and $84,435 to Doss and Horky for completed work at Garrard Middle and Camp Dick, respectively. Cooper voted against both measures. The board also approved a change order amounting to $39,306 for site preparation at Camp Dick. Schwering said that had to do with unsuitable soil material.

"The amount is owed to Doss. They did the work," said Woolsey. "It's not their fault the soil was bad. They had to buy the rock and do all the stuff that was involved."

Another change order of $6,363 was approved for wider footers, closures and kickplates at the Garrard Middle project.

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