Plans for new Casey school outlined

October 14, 2003|BRENDA EDWARDS

LIBERTY - A plan for a $7.5 million new elementary school for students in the eastern portion of Casey County was approved Monday by the county Board of Education. The new school will replace the Middleburg and Garrett elementary schools.

The school will be built on a 40-acre tract on Ky. 70 east of the high school. The project consists of site procurement, utility improvements and the construction of the new school to accommodate 500 students with support spaces for 600 students. Also, mechanical systems include geo-thermal heating and an on site sewage treatment facility. Total space is 57,730 square feet.

The new facility will have two preschool classrooms, 20 elementary classrooms, seven rooms for special education, and rooms for art, band, vocal music, computers, science and lab, auditorium, business education, development occupations, marketing education, home economics, industrial technology, drafting, and a gymnasium.

Support space includes offices for staff, guidance, custodial, site base council and conference room, family resource area, first aid, records, workroom, kitchen, cafeteria and mechanical room, plus a media center.


Larry Schwering of Lucas/Schwering Architects in Lexington gave the update on the project. He listed things that need to be done by Nov. 7 that included getting holes drilled at the construction site, a request for highway improvements at the entrance of the new school, building requirements, and a dream sheet for ideas to use in preparation for the design.

The board approved a $2,200 contract with QORE Property Services in Lexington as the geo technical firm to drill four preliminary holes in the tract where the new school will be constructed.

Schwering suggested the school board contact the state Transportation Cabinet concerning turning lanes for buses entering the school grounds. He said school construction money cannot be used for highway improvements, but other money is available through a school reimbursement program that will help with the road work.

Financing for the $9.1 million project comes from a $2,182,321 state bond sale, $2,939,679 local bond sale, $518,810 from the general fund, $3,388,000 from an urgent need trust fund, and $112,500 in interest. The funds include $7.5 million for construction cost, $412,000 for architect and engineer fee, $170,000 for bond discount, $33,610 for fiscal agent fee, $375,000 for contingencies, $275,000 site acquisition, $350,000 for equipment, $25,000 for printing, surveys and inspections.

He said work is in progress on identifying what goes into the project and all work has to meet state Department of Education specifications.

Schwering anticipates construction documents should be complete by the middle of April 2004. Construction is expected to take 13 months and should be complete for the opening of school in the fall of 2005, or January 2006.

The board set a meeting with the building design committee Oct. 27 to look over three designs and get input from on the plans. Another meeting is set Nov. 7 to look over the design after revisions are made.

Board Chairman Don Sweeney said comments on the new school design will be asked of personnel at the central office, principals, and staff, and parents and students at Middleburg and Garrett Elementary Schools.

"We want the entire community involved in the design of the final product," he said. "The board is open to your suggestions and welcome suggestions from anyone."

Schwering said the input does not stop at design.

"We will ask for suggestions on the building and design of each component, and throughout the project."

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