Mercer's new judge-exec begins duties

October 15, 2003|GARY MOYERS

HARRODSBURG - Members of the Mercer Fiscal Court conducted a routine meeting Tuesday notable mostly for a leadership change.

John D. Trisler took the chair as judge-executive for the first time since he was named last month by Gov. Paul Patton to replace the late Charles McGinnis.

"I appreciate the support everyone has shown me over the past few weeks," Trisler said at the close of the meeting. "We are moving through a difficult time."

Trisler told court members he had made inspections of county property in recent days, and believes there are some pressing items that need to be addressed.


"The crucial item is the roof at the courthouse annex," he said. "We need to take some action on that soon."

Trisler said the roof leaks, and he asked the court to advertise for bids to have the problem repaired.

He also cited repair problems around windows and on the exterior walls that will need work soon, and listed some similar problems at the courthouse and the fiscal court building.

Magistrate Larry Peyton asked how the county would pay for repairs, and Trisler said that would have to be addressed once bids were taken.

"We may have to amend the budget, and we may have to put some of it off until later," said Trisler.

He said road department workers would be able to make many of the repairs, costing the county only the price of the materials needed.

Mark Gray appeared before the court to ask that a road in Deer Run Estates be taken over by the county.

Gray made the request two months ago and was told he needed to be bonded and have the street inspected.

Gray said Thursday he'd procured a $15,000 bond, but said since there is currently no county engineer, he had statements from contractors about the details of the road.

Magistrate Wayne Russell said according to county regulations, the road has to be inspected by an engineer, and Peyton said the bond should be $25,000.

Gray questioned the regulations about an engineer's inspection, saying they refer to a county engineer.

Trisler told Gray he would have to adhere to county regulations regarding the $25,000 bond, and County Attorney Doug Greenburg said he would check the regulations to get more information about the required inspection.

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