Disagrees with Clark on homosexuality

October 16, 2003

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to something Wesley Clark said. He said in his opinion homosexuality is not a sin.

I am a Christian, though not a perfect one by any stretch of the imagination. I could fill volumes of the times I have come up short of what Jesus wants. But to say that in your opinion homosexuality is not a sin is ridiculous. It states clearly in both the Old and New Testament what God thinks of homosexuality.

Why can't he just say he does not believe in the Bible? This is America. Although I believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God, he doesn't have to. I believe he has every right to stand there and say he does not believe the Bible or even say there is no God. Although I strongly disagree, I will not deny his or anyone else's right to their belief.


I believe this is an insult to anyone who believes what the Bible says. I believe God wants us to love the sinner. But I do not believe he ever said "follow the sinner" or "tell the sinner he is not a sinner." This amounts to me seeing a stop sign and saying, "In my opinion, it doesn't say stop."

As a Christian I believe we will stand before God one day. I do not want to stand there and say, "Father, you and Your servant Paul were wrong. Homosexuality is not a sin."

You have the right to live your life as you see fit. Do not, however, tell us that what we read is not really on the pages.

Mike Houchin


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