Garrard County offers free dumping through Saturday

October 17, 2003|PHIL PENDLETON

LANCASTER - If you've got some heavy metal, Garrard County's Convenience Center wants it.

Through Saturday, Garrard County residents can dump refrigerators, washers, dryers, water heaters or anything else bulky made of metal free of charge at the center.

Garrard County Solid Waste Coordinator Bill Hack sees the free dump days as a step towards cleaning up the county. Since he started 2 1/2 months ago, the center has collected dozens of old appliances, all stacked up in massive piles alongside the road into the center.

"It goes to Mid-State Recycling in Danville," said Hack. Then it's shredded and goes to the Far East."

Hack said China and Japan do not have large quantities of iron ore and need the recycled metal for manufacturing. Thus yesterday's refrigerator may come back as tomorrow's car hood.


"It may come back as a bridge. It'll come back as something," said Hack.

As of Thursday afternoon, 8,400 pounds had been hauled away. Another 10,000 pound load was ready to be taken away. Waste will be accepted at the center off Ky. 52 near the Garrard/Boyle County line through Saturday. After that, there is a charge to dump items.

"Garbage is $10 a small truck load. Refrigerators are $10. TV's are $4 and $6," he said.

Hack said he wants to have free dump days twice a year with another one possibly this spring. Recycling needs to be increased in Garrard County because landfill costs are getting very high, he said.

"Part of the problem is that markets are so volatile," Hack said. He said Garrard County spends $130,000 per year on garbage removal but only takes in about $30,000.

"I'm trying to get better prices for metal," he said. "My goal is to at least break even. I know we can."

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