Dunn's touchdowns help Ads win 49-8

October 19, 2003|MIKE MARSEE

BEDFORD - Phillip Dunn didn't do everything right Friday night, but this was one time when two out of three wasn't bad.

Dunn touched the ball only twice on offense, and both plays ended in touchdowns that helped Danville romp to a 49-8 victory over Trimble County.

Those scores more than made up for a gaffe on defense, and they helped the Admirals make short work of the worst team on their schedule.

Danville (7-1, 3-0 Class A, District 4) ran only 27 offensive plays, but the Admirals scored on seven of them and averaged 13.9 yards per play.


Five of their touchdowns came on plays of 19 yards or more, including both of Dunn's scores.

He raced to the pylon where the goal line and sideline meet to catch a 22-yard pass from Ronnie Hawkins for Danville's first touchdown, and he turned a reverse into a 60-yard scoring run in the second quarter.

They were the sixth and seventh touchdowns of the season for the senior running back-linebacker, who is enjoying a breakthrough season on both offense and defense in only his second full season with the team.

"I think it's my time to show everybody I can play," he said.

He doesn't have to convince his coach. Sam Harp said he has been pleased with Dunn's play all year long, and he said he was particularly impressed with what he saw Friday.

"I really thought Phillip played a great football game," Harp said. "It was good to see Dunn make that catch, he ran the ball on the reverse extremely well ... and he attacked on defense."

Dunn said he enjoys the attacking, whether on defense or kick coverage, as much as scoring touchdowns.

"I just like to go hard and hit somebody every play," he said.

There is one play Dunn surely wishes he could have back. He was being tackled after intercepting a second-quarter pass when he flipped the ball to teammate Davis Teater, who was actually ahead of him and who fumbled the ball back to Trimble. The forward pitch was illegal, but Trimble declined the penalty to regain possession.

"I just saw him behind me, and it looked like he had an open field," Dunn said.

Harp said he let Dunn have it at halftime.

"He knew he made a bonehead mistake," Harp said. "He's an intelligent young man, or I wouldn't have jumped all over him like I did. He's a great kid and a great competitor. I'd go to war with him any day of the week."

Dunn said he was getting ribbed by teammates even before the game ended.

"They told me I've been playing too much Playstation 2," he said.

That was one of the few plays that didn't go well for Danville. The score wasn't as lopsided as might have been expected only because Trimble (0-8, 0-3) managed to keep its offense on the field for much of the night.

"Their offense stayed on the field a lot longer than we wanted them to, which kept our offense off the field," Dunn said.

That didn't matter much to Harp, who said putting up a big number wasn't a big concern.

"The biggest thing we wanted to get done was to come out of it healthy, and I think we did that," Harp said.

Lineman Ben Bright and end Alejandro Gray sat out to rest injuries, and leading rusher Kelvin Turner, who practiced only one day last week due to illness, played only in the first quarter before getting the rest of the night off.

Turner ran for just 45 yards, but that put him seven yards over the 1,000-yard mark for the season. Charles Penix ran for 105 yards on seven carries, and he took over the team scoring lead with three rushing touchdowns for a total of 15 scores.

Hawkins threw only seven passes, but he completed six of them for 148 yards and two touchdowns.

"I think Ronnie's had pretty good pass efficiency all year," Harp said.

"His touchdown-to-interception ratio (13-to-4) is probably as good as anybody in the area."

Darius Baughman caught Hawkins' second touchdown pass, turning a short throw into a 64-yard scoring play for the first of the Admirals' three third-quarter scores that allowed the clock to run continuously for the final 161/2 minutes.

Teater and C.J. Lynn intercepted passes in the fourth quarter, and Turner partially blocked a punt in the first period.

The Danville defense had its hands full with Trimble quarterback Paul Deese, whose 33 passes and 19 rushing attempts accounted for more than three-quarters of the Raiders' 67 plays.

Deese moved from quarterback to receiver to catch a pass with four seconds remaining for Trimble's only score.

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