West side developers upset with sewer plans

October 26, 2003|LIZ MAPLES

The idea that Mayor John Bowling wants to look at expanding Danville on the south side of town infuriates Jim and Nancy Davis.

They have worked on their development, on the west side of the Danville bypass, for more than a decade. The couple want to present their plan for the property to Danville-Boyle County Planning and Zoning by the end of the year.

Jim Davis rode out into the field behind Davco Steel recently in his Mercedes-Benz, giving a tour of where the shops, offices, movie theater and restaurants will be built.

There is sewerage to the property; the Davises paid for it. The land is zoned highway commercial. The couple have spent $750,000 so far on architects, plans, sewerage and utilities.


At a recent P&Z workshop, P&Z Commissioner Tom Broach said he wants to see development and that there is one area of town, the Davis' area, that is holding Danville "hostage." He said that while the couple wait for "just the right" businesses, the city is losing opportunities to grow.

Broach said he fears that if P&Z keeps turning businesses down, they won't look to locate in Danville.

The Davises said it takes time to plan a high-end project.

They are on their second master site plan. They said that they have been interviewing engineers and are itching to start pushing dirt.

Davis said they have commitments from a stadium-seating, eight-screen movie theater, restaurants and retail stores.

Davis doesn't believe that the city should pay for developers' sewerage, even if the developer will reimburse the city.

"If you want sewer bad enough, pay for it yourself," he said.

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