Police give warnings after outbreak of burglaries, break-ins

October 26, 2003|GARY MOYERS

Danville police have some words of advice for the owners of automobiles in Danville, especially on the south side.

Lock your cars, don't leave the keys in them, and don't leave valuables in visible places inside them.

"Last weekend we dealt with several incidents where parked vehicles were broken into," said Assistant Chief Jay Newell. "In a couple of cases the vehicles themselves were stolen. It is cause for concern."

Newell said the department has made no arrests in connection with the incidents, which he termed crimes of opportunity.

"They're called that because we believe someone sees the unlocked car and goes through it, looking for small items they can steal in a hurry," he said. "They're taking items like change, portable CD players, things like that. They see the opportunity to steal something in a hurry, and they take advantage of it."

Newell said approximately a dozen vehicles were involved last weekend, most with their doors unlocked, and two vehicles were stolen. One of those was recovered later the same day. He also said similar crimes occurred in Junction City during the same time frame.


During the same time period, thieves broke into Optical Boutique and Hometown Tires, and someone stole cash from the cash drawer at Super 8 Motel.

"We have proof that these incidents were related, but we can't discount the possibility," said Chief Jeff Peek.

Newell said in more than one instance there were reports of a white passenger car in the area. "That's not a lot to go on, but we're investigating that lead," he said.

Meanwhile, drivers are being advised to keep their vehicles locked.

"Remove the temptation," said Peek. "If the car isn't easy to break into, the pattern so far has been for the thieve to leave them alone."

Newell said drivers need to be careful about leaving items of value in their car.

"That's a quick way to get a window broken," he said. "They see something of value lying in the seat, they'll break out the window with a rock or other heavy object. And crimes like this tend to become more prevalent as Christmas approaches."

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