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October 27, 2003

100 years ago - 1903

The public voted to improve the Danville Water Works, erect a new dam, and purchase a new filtering apparatus. The votes were: Courthouse, 163 in favor and 37 opposed; Stodgehill's No. 2, 89 in favor and 19 opposed; Engine House No. 3, 100 in favor and 25 opposed; and Mannini's No. 4, 78 in favor and 38 opposed.

The seventh annual conference of the Kentucky chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Owensboro was attended by Danville members. Mrs. William Warren of Danville was a featured speaker. Her remarks were continually interrupted by prolonged applause.

The putting match at Fairview Links proved to be more exciting than was expected. The contestants were matched so closely that the outcome was not know until the last man had played in the second round. The prize, half a dozen Wizard golf balls, was won by Arthur VanWinkle with a score of nine. Tying for second with a score of 10 were Bell, Herron and L. Waggener Jr.


The Central University football team will be reorganized and a schedule of games arranged. This conclusion was reached after several days of caucusing among the students. Thirty men have signed an agreement to practice daily, and with ringers and grumblers eliminated there is every reason to believe that the college may have a better team than before. A captain and manager have not been elected. Former Manager Milliken said that his duties in college would prevent him from acting.

Robert Shears will open a meat market on Fourth Street in the room formerly occupied by the Danville Courier. After being out of the store for some time, Shears has decided to embark in that line of business.

Real estate transfers recording in the county clerk's office during the past week include: James Rogers to James H. Otter, a tract of land containing 11 acres for $565; Charles Wilson and wife to Matilda Higgins, a parcel near Wilsonville for $25; W.W. Wallace and wife to John S. Baughman, 135 acres of land near Danville for $12,000; and Isaac Hawkins and wife to John Walker, a parcel of ground near Parksville for $70.

75 years ago - 1928

Members of the Boyle County post of the American Legion will honor guests at Armistice Day services in the Christian Church. Dr. Hart will speak and there will be special music. Mrs. Hughes Jackson, a local artist, will sing "The Unknown Soldier" by O'Hara.

The Texaco Oil Corp., one of the biggest in the nation, has taken an option on two West Main Street residences. It plans to build an oil station that will cost more than $20,000. It will be one of the finest in central Kentucky and a free parking space will be provided behind the station.

Joseph L. Johnson, a former ambassador to Liberia and one of the foremost black speakers in the nation, will speak at the Danville courthouse. Johnson was met at the station by Newton James, a Republican leader and restaurant owner, who escorted him to Second Street where he was entertained at a luncheon.

50 years ago - 1953

Parksville Halloween carnival standouts in a contest based on looks were: prettiest woman, Mrs. Mabel Hudson; prettiest girl, Pauline Whitlock; ugliest boy, Karl Luttrell; and ugliest man, Harlan Kriener. Kriener is principal at Parksville. A chili supper was held before the carnival, which included games, a fortune teller, a style show, a house of horrors, a cake walk and prizes for the best costumes.

Future Homemakers of America Week will be held in Perryville. The week's activities include a day to clean up the school, a day to go door to door and ask residents to vote, a no gripe and courtesy day in which students are encouraged to be courteous to teachers and the principal, and a good deed day in which members will go to the Kentucky State Hospital and visit patients. On Hobo Day, FHA members will go door to door and ask to do some type of housework to earn cash for the FHA fund.

Area farmers were honored at the 32nd annual Farm Bureau banquet. The award of master pastureman was given to J.L. Helm and Sons. The farmers recognized as making the greatest pasture improvements were Howard Moore of Perryville and C. and J. Caldwell of Danville.

The William Jennings Price Memorial Hall in the lower auditorium of Lexington Avenue Baptist Church was dedicated. Price was from Lancaster, Danville and Washington, D.C. The Rev. Robert W. Crapps, chaplain at Kentucky State Hospital, was in charge of the dedication. A bronze plaque was placed at the head of the stairway. Price was recognized as a lawyer, diplomat and church member. The hall was decorated with funds provided by Price's widow.

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