Manhunt underway in Lincoln County

October 29, 2003|EMILY BURTON

RICHMOND - The hunt continues today in Lincoln County for a man who has evaded State Police K-9 units, Fish and Wildlife officers and a Lincoln County Sheriff's deputy since Monday morning and is considered armed and dangerous. He is also wanted in Rockcastle and Pulaski counties.

Rockcastle sheriff's deputy William Harris confirmed this morning that Larry Ray Pittman, 27, was wanted in that county on two felony warrants for parole violation and first-degree possession of narcotics, and said he was wanted in Lincoln County for terroristic threatening. Harris confirmed as well that Pittman is being sought by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Fish and Wildlife Officer Stephen Isaacs declined to release the man's name Tuesday because he did not want the man "to see his name in the paper." The only identification Isaacs would offer was that the suspect is 27 years old, 6 feet tall with short red hair and was last seen wearing a green army jacket and blue jeans.


State police reported that the suspect was also last seen carrying a .38-caliber revolver and should be considered dangerous.

According to Isaacs, a search of his suspect's car also revealed a 9 mm handgun.

"The weapon was right there in the car the whole time, but he made a decision (not to shoot)," said Isaacs.

Officials in the Frankfort office of the department this morning continued to withhold the name of their suspect, though acknowledging he is still at large.

Isaacs said no shots were fired when he and fellow officer Rick Muse attempted to stop a man after chasing him more than 12 miles by vehicle in the Broughtontown area.

Lincoln County dispatchers received a call at approximately 11 a.m. Monday from Muse, who requested additional officers for the pursuit. Lincoln County sheriff's deputy Toby Henderson was dispatched.

After driving approximately 3 miles through a privately owned farm, Isaacs said the suspect abandoned his Toyota Camry and proceeded on foot, where he eventually evaded several state police officers and three K-9 units.

State Police Lieutenant Mark Merriman said the man ran through a creek and into a field, evading the K-9 units after they had tracked him for several miles.

Isaacs said the man, who he described as indigent, sometimes living in his car or in a tent in the woods, is believed to still be in Lincoln County, possibly in the Broughtontown area.

"We're actively looking for him every day," said Merriman.

Isaacs said he could not have tracked the suspect without the help of the other agencies.

"I really appreciate the terrific cooperation of state and local operations," said Isaacs.

Isaacs said his suspect is wanted on several felony warrants in multiple counties and is also a poaching suspect. Lincoln County Sheriff Shelby Lakes confirmed there was one warrant out on the man in Lincoln County.

Anyone with information should call Fish and Wildlife Central Dispatch at 1-800-25-ALERT, said Isaacs. The State Police may also be contacted at 1-800-222-555.

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