Pig roast raises over $6,200 for McKinney school

October 29, 2003|EMILY BURTON

MCKINNEY - McKinney Elementary School made a profit of $6,231 from Saturday's community pig roast and gospel sing.

The money will go toward beautification projects on the elementary's face, such as fixing broken sign letters or replacing the worn, tan window blinds.

Principal Don Leigh said the large turnout at the roast showed how much a part of the community the school is.

"The community has come together to do this and support the school," said Leigh. "Everybody's kind of stepped up and taken on a responsibility."


The event organizers arrived at 9 a.m. Saturday to set up tables and check on the two, 300-pound pigs cooking over hot coals on custom-built roasters.

"It's almost been like a caravan this afternoon of people dropping off cakes and pies and potato salad," said Leigh.

In addition to a $6 meal, visitors could buy T-shirts for $7. With a long list of donations, the school's out-of-pocket cost for the meal was kept at a minimum.

Local churches loaned the school tables for the feast, and local parishioners and parents brought trays of pies, rolls or cupcakes.

Experienced pig roaster Billy Graves of Garrard County donated his time and cookers to the cause, arriving on scene at 6 a.m. to stoke the fires and start the 10-hour roasting. Graves said there is no secret to great-tasting pig.

"We just cook it with charcoal," said Graves.

After cooking, the meat was sent to a table of "pig pickers" who removed any charred pieces or excess fat.

"Some of us have been here since 8 a.m., but we're doing it for the kids," said Jerri Moore, sixth-grade teacher at McKinney.

Teacher Mechele Watkins helped organize the roast and said the positive feedback was encouraging.

She hopes the community will pull together for a possible roast next year.

"I think it would be worthwhile to have it again next year," said Watkins.

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