Chandler responds to Fletcher endorsement

October 29, 2003|BEN CHANDLER

The following is Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ben Chandler's response to the Advocate's endorsement Sunday of Republican Ernie Fletcher.

My opponent says it is time for a change in Kentucky. I couldn't agree more.

The real question is: What kind of change do we want?

Do Kentuckians want a governor who is beholden to the Washington insiders and big special interests or a governor who has the courage and independence to stand up to the powerful industries and political big-guns?

I've taken on big telemarketers, drug companies, crooked nursing home operators, even members of my own party. I have put forward a detailed plan outlining how I will create 100,000 new jobs, bring down the cost of prescription drugs, improve our schools by reducing class size, and clean up state government.

The largest newspapers in the state say my "independence, record and courage" prove that I am the person in this race who can change the way business is done in Frankfort, and it's a belief shared by teachers, working men and women, police officers, and nurses who all are supporting my campaign.


My opponent, on the other hand, is running a campaign that is for, of, and by the special interests. They are funding his dishonest, blatantly false ads - in violation of Kentucky law.

Congressman Fletcher took $100,000 from out-of-state energy companies and then voted for a deregulation plan that will raise your energy bills by 40 percent. He has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from drug companies, and then voted for a prescription drug plan that will still leave seniors with huge bills, let HMOs overrule their doctors, and will leave thousands of rural Kentuckians without anything at all. On top of that, Ernie Fletcher voted against letting you and I buy less-expensive, high-quality prescription drugs from Canada. That's just wrong.

Kentucky is facing challenging times. Our economy is stagnating, and hard-working families are feeling the pinch. But I have great hope for the future of our state. We have an industrious and able workforce, great location, and nurturing communities.

If you entrust me with your vote on November 4th, I will always put the people of Kentucky first.

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