Danville family glows with Halloween spirit

October 30, 2003|LIZ MAPLES

When the sun goes down, the Kernen's Frankenstein rises from the front lawn. The black lights come on and a spooky spider crawls onto its web as its inflates.

Tom and Kim Kernen glow with Halloween spirit, quite literally.

Their entire house is covered with a night fishing line and glow-in-the-dark cobwebs. The web makes a tunnel to the front door, and only the brave trick-or-treaters make it up the steps.

Those who do are quite amply rewarded.

"Sometimes we're just like, here, have the bucket," Kim Kernen said.

House decorations have always been in the Kernen blood. Tom Kernen remembers watching his parents decorate for Christmas, while his grandparents supervised. Tales of how they only won second in Danville's 1972 Christmas decoration contest are legendary. Luckily, the family won first the next year.

When Tom and Kim Kernen decorate for Christmas their house is visible from several streets away.


"My friend's call me Clark Griswald," he said.

Now, it's carried over to Halloween.

Kim Kernen used to work in a costume shop in Indiana and said she would see all the latest for Halloween in February. With her flair for scare and his house-decoration gene, they have produced quite a sight.

It started three years ago with just the Frankenstein. Then came the web.

It was made from rope and light bulbs. This year they figured out that fishing line used for night fishing glowed in the dark.

The web that used to just cover the porch has taken over the whole yard - creepy.

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