Luallen the best choice for state auditor

October 30, 2003

Dear Editor:

Ben Chandler and Ernie Fletcher differ on some key issues, but both men are legitimate candidates who have held public office and been under public scrutiny for some years. Sensible people will reach different conclusions about which candidate is best in the governor's race, but no matter who wins, Kentucky will probably be okay once we get beyond the dispiriting and misleading television ads of both men.

The same cannot be said about the race for state auditor. Even a quick glance at the Web sites of the two candidates confirms the suspicion that one got from hearing them both on KET: There has rarely been a less competent person running for statewide office than Linda Greenwell, and there has rarely been a more competent person than Crit Luallen.

Greenwell's Web site lists three endorsements: the Kentucky Motorcycle Association, Political Housing of Northern KY and a former governor. Her stated "platform" is so vague as to be an insult to voters: eliminate waste and expose fraud. In contrast, Luallen's Web site details the responsibilities of auditor, her endorsements from many statewide organizations, and her extraordinary preparation for this office, including state budget director and secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet.


Respected Republicans and Democrats alike have praised Crit Luallen's remarkable intelligence, work ethic, and character. Almost no one from either party has been foolish enough to praise Greenwell. Even UPS, the company Greenwell works for, has endorsed Crit Luallen.

We Danvillians have another reason to be enthusiastic about Luallen's candidacy for auditor. Since her graduation from Centre College in 1974, she has taken a special interest in economic development and historic preservation in this area, and has returned to Danville countless times.

Greenwell likes to say that she carries a deadly weapon, as if that had anything to do with being state auditor. She would be a deadly weapon for Kentucky. Save us the embarrassment of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on election day. Keep Kentucky from becoming the laughing-stock of the country.

Please take just a little time to look at the qualifications of these two candidates. Then vote for Crit Luallen as state auditor.

Milton Reigelman


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