No candidates for empty Perryville seat

October 31, 2003|GARY MOYERS

PERRYVILLE - One seat on the Perryville City Council is up for election Tuesday, but there will be no candidates on the ballot.

Carol Reed, the sole council member up for re-election, decided not to file as a candidate and will not be on the ballot, citing personal commitments as the reason.

"I have such a heavy schedule I'm not doing justice to any of the things I'm involved in," said Reed, who is employed by the Boyle County school system and is also involved in Habitat for Humanity and Hospice.

"I've enjoyed the time I spent on the council, but I had to choose to give up something."

Mayor Bruce Richardson, who just filled one vacant seat by appointment in August when council member Deborah Kleckner resigned, is now faced with repeating the process.


"We had to follow this procedure for two seats last year when we didn't have candidates filed for the positions," said Richardson.

"State statutes mandate that the mayor appoint someone to begin serving in January, but right now the key question is whether or not that appointment is for the full three-year term or just until a special election can be held. The county clerk is researching that question for us."

Perryville is a fifth-class city, and council terms are for three years.

Richardson said voters should be aware that, by law, they may not simply write a name on the ballot and assume that vote is counted.

"Write-in candidates must file with the county clerk by a set deadline prior to the election, and we did not have any write-in candidates who filed," he said.

"Names written on the ballot as write-ins will not be counted."

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