Ford's statements about Fletcher illogical

November 02, 2003

Dear Editor:

Change in Frankfort is needed for the good of all Kentuckians. What a shame for a past governor and senator, Wendell Ford, to campaign against the Republican candidate with misleading TV and radio ads. Senator Ford is trying to discredit Representative Fletcher by using illogical statements.

Illogical statement 1: "Fletcher is a pilot without an airplane." The Navy does not let its pilots take their airplanes home. Mr. Fletcher has a strong plan for Kentucky that does not include the use of state-owned vehicles.

Illogical statement 2: "Fletcher is preacher without a pulpit." Are preachers not allowed to serve their people in many different ways. Mr. Fletcher wants to serve his fellow Kentuckians in the most effective way that he can. As governor, he will implement ideas that are good for all the people of the state.


Illogical statement 3: "Fletcher is a physician without a practice." Mr. Fletcher is looking to the needs of our state and other states in his position as a representative in the Congress of the U.S. government.

Mr. Ford points out that Mr. Fletcher voted against importing prescription drugs. Our representative did this only to protect us from imports from foreign countries that could prove unsafe, counterfeit or improperly labeled. We are not being stopped from buying prescriptions from Canada at substantial savings.

Illogical statement 4: "Representative Fletcher has a poor voting record." Rep. Fletcher has had one of the best voting records until his campaign prevented him from voting on some issues. Check the records of the Democrats running for president if you think Mr. Fletcher has a poor voting record.

Be a thinking voter as you go to the polls on Tuesday. Carefully consider Mr. Ford's illogical statements, and the Democrats misleading spin on Mr. Fletcher's credentials. Vote for Ernie Fletcher, a man who has the integrity to tell the truth. Let's make that needed change which will be good for all Kentuckians.

David Berka


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