Journalism could be in Cote's future

November 02, 2003|JILL ERWIN

The way Bernard Cote sees it, his experiences as a Kentucky basketball player will help him in either of two possible career options.

Obviously, the sophomore forward-center would like to continue his hardwood career, even if it's not in a public fishbowl like UK.

But if that doesn't work out, he might want to move to the other side of the camera.

Cote is a broadcast journalism major, and said his experiences with the media as a UK player helps him see things from both sides.

"I definitely think so," Cote said. "It's nothing bad on a resume I guess. The exposure to the media and the type of questions is a good thing if I ever decide to really get serious about it."


He has it in his bloodlines. Cote's father, Guy, was a news anchor in Vancouver and Toronto and also did radio work before moving into public relations. Bernard Cote's sister, Flavie, is also in PR, working as a spokeswoman for the hydroelectric company back home in Quebec.

Cote said he has been asked plenty of questions since getting to UK, ranging from intelligent to insipid. He said that kind of experience will hopefully help him avoid questions that people should already know the answer to.

"The stupidest question ... There are a few, things like 'Are you guys going to be good this year?'" Cote said. "Not that it's stupid, but it's an obvious question and I don't think anybody's going to say we're not going to be good. We're always confident that we're going to be OK."

Now, Cote's just hoping his back is going to be OK. He said it started acting up in Minneapolis, where UK lost to Marquette in the Midwest Regional final of last year's NCAA Tournament.

He has been to see a back specialist in Columbus, Ga., who determined it was just wear and tear from years of playing basketball.

However, that put a crimp in his summer workouts. Cote said he was still able to shoot and work out, but the contact and banging that is so much a part of basketball was off-limits to him.

"I got a break for a while, so that was good," Cote said. "But then you see the guys out there playing everyday and they'll be arguing, pushing and shoving. I kind of miss that, it's what I like about basketball. At first you get to relax and get to thinking about everything. But then it gets really boring because you can't go out there and run with everybody.

"Basically I didn't play basketball for about six months. I've been trying to shoot around, but always within certain restrictions. I'm still ready to play right now. I'll have to catch up a little bit, but I don't feel like I'm that far behind."

Cote said he still has work to do to improve. He said he had hoped to come into this season more explosive than he was last year, when he averaged less than one point and one rebound in 4.6 minutes of play per game. He was able to add weight and muscle during his summer workouts and said that he hopes to help the Wildcats in any way he can.

"My shot's still there," Cote said. "I've been working on it a little bit.

"I just want to contribute the same thing as last year, but more. When I'm going out there, I just want to make something happen. If it's a rebound, or take a charge or shoot a 3 or get in the post, whatever it is, I'll be there to do it. It just depends on our team's needs this year."

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