Ten reasons to enjoy watching Wildcats

November 02, 2003|MARY JO PERINO

It's hard to think about basketball in the middle of the football season, unless of course you live in Kentucky. Then you never stop thinking about it. That didn't take me too long to learn when I moved to Lexington.

It seems like ages since the Marquette game - certainly one we'd like to forget. But it doesn't erase the winning streak from last year, the unstoppable SEC run and, of course, the history of UK basketball.

So, as Tubby and his boys prepare for another go around, I am preparing to enjoy my second season of Kentucky basketball, and here are my top 10 reasons why I enjoy it so much.

10. Kentucky basketball is so much fun to watch, it almost made me forget how much it hurt when the Wildats beat my Minnesota Gophers in 1997. Almost...


9. There's only one name in the world cooler than Tub-by ... and that's Orlando.

8. UK basketball always makes me strive for something more in my career. Some-day, if I ever make it really big, I hope I can do the "Y."

7. My last name is Perino. Not P-I-T-I-N... well, you get the picture.

6. It's so much fun to watch Florida and Tennessee fans have to go home and hang their heads, even if they are ranked No. 1.

5. The Cats' defense is almost as suffocating as the crowd in Rupp Arena - I get goose bumps every time!

4. Not that I'm happy that the football Cats lost to Louisville, but that only means one thing - and revenge will be so sweet. Are you with me, Jim Nantz?

3. We have the national coach of the year - one who's name repeatedly comes up for NBA jobs. Who else would you want to lead your team?

2. Any time I'm nervous about changing my hair style, I just look for strength in Erik Daniels. He's always got a new look, and always pulls it off.

And the No. 1 reason is...

Seven national championships

42 SEC championships

100 years

One school

Who can argue with that?

Mary Jo Perino is a sports anchor/reporter at WLEX-TVin Lexington.

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