Around Town: Gov. Patton heard it through the grapevine

November 03, 2003|ANNABEL GIRARD

The governor played tourist last week and one of the places he visited was the Vieux Corbeau winery here.

Andr Brousseau said Gov. Paul Patton was taking his sisters and their husbands around to Kentucky wineries making stops also at Equus Run in Midway and Chrisman Mill in Jessamine County.

Brousseau serves on two state boards: Agriculture Tourism Advisory Council and the Grape and Wine Council. He admitted to taking the opportunity to promote the wine industry as he gave a tour of the inner workings of the winery as well as the vineyards.

"I gave him an earful," Brousseau said.

One thing he emphasized was the growth in the wine industry in North Carolina, where tourism dollars from the wine industry jumped from $25 million in 2000 to $79 million in 2002.


Since Vieux Corbeau, part of the Old Crow Inn complex, opened to visitors they have come from 31 states and five foreign countries, Brousseau said.

When a state trooper came to check out the facility before the governor's visit, Brousseau advised him this wasn't a new experience. There was a lot more security and checking when now-Vice President Dick Cheney stayed at Old Crow the afternoon of the vice-presidential debate in 2000.

Boyle County represented at Kentucky Book Fair

Boyle County will be well represented at the Kentucky Book Fair Nov. 8 in Frankfort.

The annual event brings together more than 150 writers to discuss their writing and gives book lovers a chance to buy the books.

Heather Henson, who lives on a family farm in Mercer and Boyle counties, is making her first appearance. She recently gave up life as a book editor with HarperCollins in New York City to return to her roots and devote herself full time to writing children's books.

She will be promoting "Making the Run," a novel for young adults that was published last year and came out in paperback this year. Henson, daughter of Charlotte and Eben Henson of Danville, is excited that the book has been listed in a publication for independent booksellers and has made the New York Public Library's list of books for the teenage reader.

Henson is working currently on a picture book directed at the 4-6 year-old audience.

While Henson will be in the spotlight as a writer, she is just as excited about having the opportunity to meet one of her favorite writers, Bobbie Ann Mason.

Bruce Richardson, who operates Elmwood Inn with his wife, Shelley, is an old hand at the book fair, but is looking forward to promoting the third cookbook of recipes from the tea room, "The Tea Table."

He described the book fair as "one of the great events we have around here."

Other writers with connections to this area are: Nick Clooney, television personality, who is married to Boyle native Nina Bruce Warren; children's writer George Ella Lyon, a Centre College graduate; short story author Joe Ashby Porter, a professor at Duke University, who happens to be my cousin; and former television newsman David Dick, who is the uncle of Advocate reporter Ann Harney.

The event, held at the Farnham Dudgeon Convention Center, begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m. There is an evening event as well as one for children. For more information, check out the Web site,

Montgomery Gentry song being used by Toyota

Well, the Montgomery Gentry song "My Town" is now being used to promote Toyota in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama.

In addition to "My Town," viewers will hear words set to the tune for "My Toyota" and "My Truck."

Part of the original video was filmed in Danville, My Town for duo member Eddie Montgomery.

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