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November 03, 2003

100 years ago - 1903

G.S. Gaines sold his partnership in the livery firm of Gaines and Reid to J.T. Reid, the junior member. Gaines has not decided what business he will enter, but he has had several fine offers from well-known harvesting machine firms to travel in Kentucky. He will continue to live in Danville and will run the business at the old stand.

Walker Hunn of Shelby City has decided to locate in Danville to practice law. He will occupy the rooms over John Tibbs' barber shop. Hunn is well known in Danville and will add to the local bar. He is an 1898 graduate of Centre College Law School.

Now that the bond issue for the waterworks has passed, citizens should think about electric lights. The citizens expressed themselves on this issue some time ago. The majority of the taxpayers voted to sell a franchise. The city council met and agreed to have specifications drawn. Every obstacle is out of the way and the council should keep its promise.


75 years ago - 1928

The Danville Admirals will meet the Blue Devils of Lexington at Stadium Field. Team members are: assistant coach Ernest Woford, Roy Arnold, Charles Barksdale, Marshall Gooch, Joe Hayward, Robert Kidd, captain Reed Wooldridge, Charles Guthrie, Ray Wooldridge, Ernest Spoonamore, Lecil Hamilton, head coach Rice Mountjoy, Darrell Vandiver, Luther Williams, Elmer Hendren, Paul Foster, Charles Stewart, James Gregory, David Griffin, Mike Zacarelli, Joe Arnold, Eugene Merriman, Logan Guthrie, Chris Jackson, Earl Hill, Arthur Hignight, Grylee Ballard, Arvy Winn and Orville Dorn.

In the biggest political upset known in Boyle County, Herbert Hoover, Republican candidate for president, received 522 more votes than his Democratic rival Gov. Alfred E. Smith. It is the first time since 1898 that Boyle has returned a majority for a Republican in a national election. A heavy vote was polled as 6,494 ballots went into the boxes for the presidential nominees and 6,666 were cast for the two nominees for Congress. Hoover carried 12 of the 23 precincts in Boyle County.

A.B. Marshall on South Fourth Street has installed in his restaurant and billiard hall a second radio. The Philco will be used to give election returns. Marshall is inviting everyone to his place to receive the returns from 6 p.m. to midnight. Drinks and sandwiches will be available.

Dr. M.M. Allen of Danville announced at the evening service at the Presbyterian Church that the 100th anniversary of the Caldwell Church will be celebrated on Thanksgiving. The church was dedicated in March 1828. Ladies named to assist with the celebration are Mrs. Pleasant Tucker, Mrs. J.O. Caldwell Helm, Mrs. J.M. Kimberlin Crowder, Miss Matilda Potts and Miss Lizzie Armstrong.

Two young girls and an aged man are suffering after being struck by a car as they crossed Maple Avenue at the intersection of Main Street. J. Waller Tate, Miss Catherine Eason and Miss Louise Connelly injured. They all were treated at the hospital. The driver of the car said rain blinded him and he did not see the pedestrians.

50 years ago - 1953

A Halloween carnival at Perryville School raised $500 to be used to buy equipment. Joseph Norvell, son of Mrs. Joe Sheperson, and Marie Jo Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Johnson, were crowned king and queen of the upper six grades at the school. Roy Milburn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jody Milburn, and Connie Sue Webb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Webb, were named king and queen of the lower six grades. Prizes were given to Jean Allen Lankford and Tommy Bryant for the funniest costumes.

A three-day cleanup in the city will provide for the pickup of trash, dead leaves and other unwanted materials. If residents will fill containers with trash, truck drivers will empty those containers so they may be refilled. Mayor Henry L. Nichols asked that resident cooperate as there has not been an official project like this in years.

Billy Rankin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Rankin of Perryville Road, took top honors in the Boyle County 4-H Baby Beef Club show held at Farmers Tobacco Warehouse. He shares the honor with his brother, Jerry Rankin, who assisted with the feeding of their four calves. Marion Coyle of the Perryville club took second and third places while Marcus Underwood of the East End club placed fourth. Fifteen of the calves will be held to Louisville for the Bourbon Beef Show. Three calves were sold at the Boyle County Stockyards at record prices.

The condition of Mrs. John H. Lynch of 420 S. Fourth St. is worse, according to her husband. She suffered eight crushed ribs when she was struck by a car in a freak accident. A car parked on the opposite side of Fourth Street broke loose, rolled across the street, traveled over an 8-inch curb and a knee-high bank and 70 feet into the Lynch's yard before knocking down Mrs. Lynch while she was raking leaves.

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