Committee yet to come up with list of finalists for city manager job

November 04, 2003|LIZ MAPLES

After eight interviews, three hours of executive session and a order out for pizza, the screening committee reviewing candidates to become Danville city manager has not come up with a list of finalists.

The list of candidates has already been narrowed from 24 to eight. The committee was expected to vote on a final list of six Monday.

Ed Hays, city attorney, has said that the list of finalists would be made public, but the committee indicated earlier Monday its intention to narrow the list without naming the candidates, using numbers to identify them for the purposes of a vote.

Committee chairman James Atkins and Hays were told Monday by The Advocate-Messenger that editors believed that the committee's vote about the candidates had to take place in public to be legal.


The committee convened at 5 p.m. Monday, went into executive session and reconvened at 8 p.m.

Atkins said that the committee did not vote on individual candidates in executive session, and that the committee wants to ask the Commission to clarify its duties.

The committee said Monday it needed more guidance from the Danville City Commission.

The final list was supposed to be presented by Sept. 26, according to a timeline approved by commissioners in July. The commissioners were to conduct interviews immediately after, and the new city manager was to be named by Oct. 24.

The search began after former City Manager Steve Biven resigned April 28 under pressure from a faction of the commission led by Mayor John Bowling, elected last November. Commissioners met several times in executive session to discuss Biven's job.

Bridgette Milby, Biven's assistant, is one of the applicants for the position. She was named interim city manager shortly after his resignation.

The committee interviewed each candidate in person last week.

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