Around Town: Samuels from Maker's Mark tending bar here Nov. 19

November 10, 2003|ANNABEL GIRARD

Bill Samuels of Maker's Mark will be tending bar in Danville Nov. 19.

From 6-8 p.m., Samuels will be guest bartender at Pizza Hut's The Starting Gate.

Samuels' family has been making whisky in 1840. The distillery located in Loretto is a National Historic Landmark.

His appearance at Pizza Hut on Hustonville Road is one of about 20 appearances he makes a year.

The restaurant is using the event as a way to collect canned goods for the Salvation Army holiday food drive. Those interested can drop off a non-perishable food item and pick up details for the event.

Magazine doing article on Two Roads Cafe

The staff of Kentucky Restaurant Journal was in Danville Tuesday working on an article about Two Roads Cafe.

Jerry Houck, co-owner with Kathy Crown-Weber, said the article is slated for the December issue. The photographer was finishing up his duties as diners started to arrive. The magazine staff then settled in to check out the food.


The magazine is the publication of the Kentucky Restaurant Association and goes to its members.

Houck said the focus will be on the restaurant-bar combination.

Pet Peeve

One reader called to complain about the pool of water that collects in the basin at Hustonville Road and Danville Bypass.

The area is maintained by the state and the reader thought it was strange for the state to spend time and money spraying for mosquitoes while it was furnishing a prime breeding location by not cleaning out the drainage area.

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