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November 10, 2003

100 years ago - 1903

The Danville Coon Hunters Club will have another feast at Meier's restaurant. Two nice, fat young coons were captured at Dix River and the club and a few friends will enjoy them.

This is an abundant season for game. This is not only true in the wilds of the country, but right in the streets of Danville. E.S. Tillinghast, who lives near the school for the deaf on Second Street, went hunting in his garden. He killed five rabbits.

J.M. Bailey of Danville owns a remarkable hen that can sing and dance. Bailey says the fowl learned the art when she was raising her first brood of chickens. He used to feed the chicks from a pan and make the mother stand back. She would make such a fuss at his treatment that he had to notice her. Every time the chicks were fed, she would begin to sing to get attention and her share of the food. He has trained her now so that the sight of a morsel of food will make her sing.


The Missionary Society of the Methodist Church will have a candy pulling. All young people are invited to attend. An admission of 10 cents will be charged.

The Danville Ice and Coal Co. has sold its coal business to the Kentucky Supply Co. They recently sold a grocery and this deal closes all active interests in Danville except for the big ice plant at the depot.

Franklin School House, about five miles from town on the Shakertown Pike, was destroyed by fire. There was no fire in the building when school closed. It is a mystery how the fire started. The school is taught by Miss Florence Vanarsdall of Harrodsburg.

75 years ago - 1928

Principals at the four consolidated schools have been asked to give a general summary of school conditions. At Parksville, Principal David Brooks says the needs are: a heating plant, cost $6,000; a toilet system, $1,500; library and equipment, $500; improvements to the grounds, $300; and painting and decorating rooms, $500. Brooks says the present toilets will not last longer than a year. The heating system creates the danger of six fires whereas a proper system would create only one. The old part of the building is smoked from inadequate heating and needs a coat of varnish on all the woodwork and a coat of paint on the walls.

The famous J.A. Coleman O'Possum Supper will be held at Stout's Dancing Pavilion. Coleman, the daddy of the affair, is making the arrangements. The dinner has grown in size and interest for the past several years. Last year, about 300 attended.

Members of the Boyle Fiscal Court, County Judge Logan Wood and County Attorney Add Lanier went to Mercer County to examine the county poor farm. They want to create a similar farm in Boyle County.

Armistice Day was observed with special services at the various churches. Services at the Christian church were attended by members of the American Legion. M.A. Hart preached about "Ten Years After." Mrs. Hughes Jackson sang "The Unknown Soldier."

The City Council decided to build a fireproof shed in the rear of city hall to replace the old wooden sheds that insurance companies have labeled as fire hazards. All the insurance rates in the neighborhood had been raised because of these buildings.

50 years ago - 1953

Santa Claus will visit boys and girls in Danville at the Christmas parade. He will not arrive on his traditional sleigh. He will ride atop the biggest and funniest train in the world. It is a giant balloon, composed of more than 50 separate balloons. It is more than 200 feet long.

Danville's new $800,000 housing project, including McIntyre Homes on Queen Street and Bate-Wood Homes on Second Street, was dedicated. The buildings have been completed for several months and now are occupied. Many applicants are on a waiting list. P.H. Best, chairman of Danville's Housing Commission, explained that McIntyre Homes is named in honor of the late W.O. McIntyre, a former mayor and long-time editor and publisher of the Kentucky Advocate. Bate-Wood Homes is named in honor of Professor Bate, former principal of Bate School, and the Rev. Wood, a former preacher, editor and member of the Danville City Council. Bate's widow was present at the dedication.

J. Rice Mountjoy has resigned as head of the athletics department and football coach at Danville School. A coach for 29 years, Mountjoy is resigning to become manager of the E.B. Henson estate. For several summers, Mountjoy has served as manager at Sunnyside Pool.

Danville firefighters set a record for the number of runs made after they went out five times. One of the runs was to Wilderness Road, where a 7-year-old was severely burned in a basement blaze. They went to Prall Chair Co. on South Street, a grass fire at Fifth and Walnut, and to Third and Fackler, where tar pots caused a blaze. The fifth run was to keep an engine on standby during a controlled burn of a field at the Bate-Wood housing project.

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