Working poor need federal welfare programs

November 10, 2003

Dear Editor:

Mr. Thompson had some interesting comments about overtaxed working people. Let's take a look at the real world, Mr. Thompson.

The working people that you talked about can't make it on minimum wage anymore. The average manufacturing employee makes slightly over minimum wage and the majority of factories use temporary labor, which offers no benefits such as health insurance for the employee. You would be surprised how many college grads are working at these types of jobs.

While I agree with you on the problem with unwed mothers somewhat, to blame them for all of it is ludicrous. It takes two to tango. The courts should do a better job of going after deadbeat dads and moms who don't pay child support.

The federal programs that are in place for the working poor are of great benefit. Children of the families that are getting assistance are getting food and medical care that "the rich people who create jobs" don't offer.


Democrats don't overtax working families. The last time I had a huge tax increase on my pay check was under then-President George H.W. Bush, who said "read my lips, no new taxes."

There is nothing wrong with anyone wanting to better themselves. That's the American dream. But the sad truth is we live in a country were the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I'm glad to know that somewhere in this community, there is a child that will go to bed tonight with a full stomach because of federal aid instead of going to be hungry and having to wait until lunch at school the next day to eat or not eat at all.

Until the wages are raised and "the rich people that create jobs" do a better job of taking care of the working poor, then the funds for birth, food, clothing and education will continue to be missing.

I'd be careful of wanting to be taxed more. We are more than likely fixing to get it, and get it big.

Ken Griffin


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