Family Services helps people in time of need

November 11, 2003

Dear Editor:

On June 1, 1916, a group of citizens representing civic, fraternal, and religious organizations as well as other interested parties formed what was known as the "Community Work Board." One of the purposes of this board was to have a "better acquaintance" with our town and community, to look at its advantages as well as problems. Also to establish a central agency through which aid and relief could be given.

Though time has passed and names have changed, 87 years later, the "Family Services Association of Boyle County Inc." is continuing to serve this purpose. Helping with immediate assistance to families and individuals with emergencies.

Although there are numerous state and federal programs available, many times there are extended waiting periods, or there are those who, for various reasons are not eligible. This is when Family Services may be able to assist in time of need. Seventy percent of our funds are used for such assistance.


The Family Services Association depends on several sources for funding. The Heart of Kentucky United Way is a large part of our budget planning. Without their funding our agency would be hard pressed to continue in its objectives. Giving to the Heart of Kentucky United Way is helping them help us help others in Danville and Boyle County.

Jim Rankin


Board of Directors

Family Services Association of Boyle County Inc.

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